Meant To Be

*one direction not a band* Hannah has just moved to England, going to a new school she has to make new friends. She soon finds out that her cousin Liam goes to her school. Harry, one of Liam's friends automatically falls in love with Hannah. But will the summer tear them apart when Hannah has to go visit her dad in Canada? Are they meant to be?


3. Crestwood

Hannah's P.O.V.

Wow. There it is. Crestwood, my new school. I can't believe everything that has changed in the past 2 months. I can't believe i'm in grade 12!

*later on*

It was after my first class that i realized that i didn't know a single person in this school. Crap, who am i supposed to sit with at lunch?!

*at lunch*

I was just leaving history class, and leaving out the door when a guy walked right into me, knocking over my books onto the floor. I bent down to pick up my books, before i got a chance to even look at him. I'm sure he's embarrassed, well..i sure am!

The guy also bent down to help me pick up my stuff. We stood up and he handed me my books, this was when i saw his face. i somehow recognized him from somewhere. It was then that i realized how long i had actually been staring at him. He spoke to me, "D-don't i know you from somewhere?", he asked me. "Yeah i think so, who are you?" "Liam, Liam Payne and you are?" "I'm Hannah Skye."

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