Meant To Be

*one direction not a band* Hannah has just moved to England, going to a new school she has to make new friends. She soon finds out that her cousin Liam goes to her school. Harry, one of Liam's friends automatically falls in love with Hannah. But will the summer tear them apart when Hannah has to go visit her dad in Canada? Are they meant to be?


13. Bridesmaids And Laughs

Hannah's P.O.V.

We go downstairs and answer the door, Zayn and Taylor, and Niall were here. "Hannah!", Taylor screams. "Taylor!", i scream back, and we hug eachother. Then Zayn comes and gives me a hug to,"Hey Hannah, i heard about you and Harry", he says with a wink, and puts his arm around Taylor and they walk into the living room. Niall stands there, "Um..Where's my hug Hannah!", he said with his arms out. We laughed, "Don't worry Niall, i didn't forget about you!", i said while giving him a hug. After he went to join Zayn and Taylor in the living room.

"Now we just have to wait for Louis and Liam!", Harry says. We were now alone in the kitchen, so Harry comes to me and wraps his arms around my waist, he lifts me up onto the countertop, "I'm glad you're staying the night", he whispers in my ear. "Me to", i say. Then he kisses me, moving his tongue into my mouth exploring every inche, and lifts me off the countertop. I wrap my legs around him and he pushes me against the refrigerater, but only to be interupted by Louis walking in the front door. Not even bothering to knock before coming into the house. "Honey i'm home!!", he shouts out while walking in, then he notices me and Harry, Harry quickly puts me down. "Ouulalaaa, did i interupt the romance?", he jokes. I start blushing like crazy.

Harry's P.O.V.

It takes Louis to ruin the moment, of course. I could see Hannah blushing, obviously embarrassed so i decide to change the topic. "Hey Lou, how are you?" "Good mate, and yourself? Congrats you two, heard bout the relationship!", he said winking at me and Hannah. "I'm great! Thanks, come in the living room, we are gonna start a movie just as soon as Liam gets here." "Cool!", Louis shouts while running to the living room. Hannah and i laugh, then go join everyone in the living room.

Hannah's P.O.V.

Harry and i go sit on the couch, and he puts his arm around me. Then Nadire comes down the stairs, and comes to sit beside me. "So are we gonna start a movie or what!", she says. "Yeah, we just have o wait for Liam to get here", Harry tells her. "Well he better hurry up!", Nadire says laughing.

I remembered that i'm going to the mall on saturday with Maya, "Nadire and Taylor i was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall on saturday? I'm going with a friend from class, Maya, it would be awesome if you guys could come", i said smiling at them. Sure! I'd love to", Nadire says smiling. "I wish i could guys but i have a family thing i have to attend", Taylor says. "Aw to bad we wil have to go altogether another time then ", i said to her, and she smiled.

Then the doorbell rang, "I'll get it!", i say while running towards the door. "Liam!!", i say while hugging him. "I missed you to", he says laughing. "Come on in, we are just about to start a movie!",i say. We go into the living room and Niall yells,"You're finally here Liam, took you long enough!" We all laugh. "Yeah sorry i'm late guys", Liam says.

"So what movie shall it be?", Harry asks everyone. "TED!!", shouts Louis. "No you've seen that one way too many times Lou!", says Zayn laughing, Louis fakes a pout and we all laugh. "How bout Toy Story!" "Really Liam?, Harry says. "Fine! You guys are no fun!", Liam says then he sticks his tongue out at us.

"What about Bridesmaids guys?", i ask. "Perfect! Good idea Hannah!", Niall tells me, i smile a little. Then Harry says, "Bridemaids it is then!", he puts the movie on and we start watching it. I snuggle up to Harry, it was a good time. Especially when Louis almost peed himself laughing at the part when she crapped her wedding dress in the middle of the street.

After the movie finished Zayn and Taylor went home, and so did Niall. So now it was just me,Harry, Louis, and Liam. Then Louis spoke,"So Liam did you know that your lil' cousin is spending the night at Harry's tonight?" "Hannah, why didn't you tell me!", Liam asked me. "I'm sorry Li, i guess i just forgot, it was so last minute" "It's okay don't worry, just be good", he said winking at me. I laugh,"I can't make any promises" We all laugh at Hary who was slightly grinning to himself. "Don't worry i'll be good", i say winking at Liam.

"Well mates i should get going", Louis said getting up off the couch. We went to see him as he left, we walked out the door, "Bye Lou!", me, Harry, and Liam say. "Bye guys!", he yells. And just before getting in his car, he shouts as loud as he could,"WEAR PROTECTION!!!" "LOUIS!!!!!", me and Harry angrily shout out, but he gets in his car and drives off with a grin on his face.

"I should probably get going too", Liam says. "Aw do you have to?", i ask slightly pouting. "Yeah, but don't worry i'll see you tomorrow", he says hugging me. "Okay text me", i say smiling at him. "I will, bye Harry!", he says then comes up to me and whispers in my ear,"Be good little girl" He smiles at me and Harry, and goes to his car and drives home. Again with the 'little girl' thing! It drives me crazy!

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