Meant To Be

*one direction not a band* Hannah has just moved to England, going to a new school she has to make new friends. She soon finds out that her cousin Liam goes to her school. Harry, one of Liam's friends automatically falls in love with Hannah. But will the summer tear them apart when Hannah has to go visit her dad in Canada? Are they meant to be?


6. Beautiful

Harry's P.O.V.

Once we got out of the cafeteria i asked,"What class do you have next?" "English, Mr.Parks" "Oh he's the worst", i say winking at her, she just smiled.

I ahd to tell her how i felt about her but how? She doesnt know her way around the school yet, so i started leading her to the math hallway, nobody's ever there.

Hannah's P.O.V.

Idon't know my way around the school very well yet, but i could tell this wasn't the right hallway my english class was in,particularly because it came to a dead end. I could tell something was up. We stopped at the end of the hallway.

I was about to say something, but then Harry pulls me to the side of the hallway.

Harry's P.O.V.

I pulled her aside, she looked confused but i don't care i need to tell her how i feel.

We both stood there looking into eachothers eyes. "Hannah, i've been wanting to tell you something", she just stood there and nodded. Okay here goes, "Ever since Liam introduced you to us in the cafeteria, i knew there was something special about you.When you were talking to the other boys and not me i-i felt jealous." "Harry I-" "No Hannah wait", i said grabing her hands. I could hear the bell ring, but i needed to do this i didn't care. "You are the most beautiful girl i've ever laid eyes on, and i know we only met today and this may be early but you already mean so much to me." She didn't say anything, she just stood there and blushed, not even caring that we were still holding hands. So i decided to say one last thing.

"I really like you Hannah, now i think i should get you to class now", i smiled at her and she smiled back. "I-I like you to Harry", she told me, then she pulled me into a hug and i hugged her back. Then we started walking down the hallway, i grabbed her hand and she didn't pull back. So we walked to her next class hand in hand. Right before she walked into class she gave me a piece of paper, "What's this?", i asked her smiling. "My number", she said then winked at me and went into her class.

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