I Love You

My first movella. ***

All Emily ever wanted was him. That boy who's so perfect. But so out of reach. She's ambitious. She would wipe the Earth just to have the chance to be with that boy. Maybe she's lucky? Because when his band comes to her school for a event, Emily acts right then and there. And for her luck she catches his eye.


1. Meet Emily

Waiting for something that will probably never come is ridiculous. Especially, if it's a boyband member.

I'm Emily. I'm 19. Almost 20. I have long brown hair, overlapping my breasts. I have green eyes, pear legs, and a skinny waist. I'm severly insecure.

I haven't had a boyfriend in over 12 months. I miss being close to someone. I miss feeling loved. My last boyfriend was Henry. He was charming, yes, but when it came to intimate things, he wasn't, for it, I guess. But I want a new boy. That new boy is named Liam. Payne.

Ridiculous? Yes. Impossible? No.

I may be insecure, but I'm quite ambitious. When I get a chance, I want to be a fashion designer. My, 'style', I guess, is Indie/Boho/Girly.

I have one bestfriend. Her name is Ava. Beautiful girl. I have two twin siblings. A brother and sister. Madison and Jacob. Crazy kids, but elder than I am.

My mother is single. I'm so proud of her for dealing with three retarted children.

I'm in collage, Doncaster University. Very good, great dorm parties too. I'm studying, fashion.

Well, speaking of classes, I have to go and edumacate myself. Bye.


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