Last First Kiss

So I met this girl ... her name is Jessie .. She is the one :)


1. Gone out


Me and Jessie are dating for 5 years and We have a baby Girl who is 4. Her name is Jayda. Me and Jessie decided to go out for the night so we needed someone to watch Jayda. The boys said they will watch her.

Jessies pov

Zayn asked me if I wanted to go out for the night so i said yes. I was with Zayn in the studio for 2 hours. but i left cause he was focused on the music. I needed to pick up our 4 year old Jayda at daycare. when went to pick her up she jumped out of her seat and came and gave me a hug. I put her in her carseat and told her Niall Harry Liam and Louis were gonna watch her. she loves when they watch her cause they are so fun. we got home and she dragged my into my room and opened my closet door and went to the dresses section and pulled out a Pink Lace dress and a Purple Prom dress and she said PIINK MAMA PIINK so I wore the pink. I pulled out my Pink Bowed heels. Later at 5 we took Jayda to the boys and then Zayn and I went out.. 

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