Kiss me

This girl who went to London with High-School but she is coming from France, she never knew that something like meting One direction or have conflict with them or one of them ... but everything can happen.


2. The call

Once we arrived to the Hotel i asked my teacher if i could have my own room but unfortunately they say no,

"Wait, what but i have to be alone !" i said disappointed ,"Well, this is not our problem," they say like they doesn't even care about what i was saying, witch is actually true,"Oh, yeah so what is your problem ?" i said annoyed "Well our problem is that if ever something happen to you in your OWN room we can't see so, no" , "OK," i said walking away "Puff, yeah IF ever something happen to me " i whispered to my self . I couldn't talk to much with them or they're probably do something worst to me , so no thank's, so i went to my room.. i mean to the room witch have three other girl's with me, so yeah  not really my room anymore but anyway, i went there and i saw that those three girl's like i said, was already posed and all of their stuff all over the room, I presume that they settled while i was asking the teacher to leave me on my own room, the room was covered with posters of ONE DIRECTION and of Justin Bieber, i guess that they'll be so friendly with me if i tell them that i know Harry Styles, but if i tell them they'll also never leave me so... i was stuck to the input with my suitcases on my hand and my bag and i was thinking a second and my face turn to a worried face, and suddenly a girl appear in front of me, is was Caroline, she has blonde hair and she did not come completely to my Height she wasn't my best friend, but she was nice to the way to a girly pinky girl so in love with Harry styles ... so 'll try to avoid the fact that I've met Harry.

"Hey, you are in our room, come in "She said so happy to be with me, so she took me by my wrist and led me into the room, the other girl's were putting away their clothes in the closet, i sat on my bed witch was still simple i mean only white and i like when it's personalized, so yeah i put my suitcases on the floor and i opened it as i can begin my personalisation, while i was putting my cloths into my closet the girl's was talking about having every chance to meet One Direction, hum ... 

So once i was finally done i lay on my bed put my earphone' and think about what happened today, and it made me smile i mean today i met Harry styles  and he asked me if I stay concerned so that we could see again, after an hour i received a call i didn't look from who it was, i was sure it'd be my mother so i pressed answer and i heard a man voice talking.

"HARRY COME DOWN STAIRS WE'RE ALL WAITING FOR YOU !" Wait Harry ?!! why this man is calling me Harry ?!! 

"Who is it ?" i asked shocked , "Wait, a girl ?"  he said confused , "Well yeah it's my phone so yeah a girl, but who are you ?" i asked again ,"No it's Harry's phone, and I'm Louis by the way ", "Wait, wait ,wait you mean that i ..." i stop talking and thought for a second the moment that my bag and my phone fell this morning and actually Harry's phone fell either "Wait" i said, i check out the contact and the pictures of this phone and nothing on this phone was mine unless the same Iphone 4S .

I looked the girls were on the top bunk talking, so i walked slowly out of the room, without making any sound as the girl's don't see me then i put the phone on my ear and said.

"Oh, my god , hum, Lou...Louis ?" i asked, "Yeah " , "Hum this morning i fell on Harry and We both  exchanged our phones accidentally, so guess he have my phone....with all of my stuff, oh, no no no no no, " I said really fast thinking that Harry can see my pictures and ..."What, calm down he is not, ... hum i think he is not knowing Harry he actually will ""So why you tell me that he is not ?!" i asked stressed "Hum for you to not freak out i think .. but listen you must have a password on your phone so he can't see don't worry " he said like he find a solution "NO, i mean yeah , I'm still worried " , "Why? " he asked , "Because i don't have not locked my phone everyone can see what's on it !" i said maybe a little loud .., " You finally have a phone witch can be locked and you don't use that .." he said like i was the only one who did this , "Oh , hum Louis " i said , "Yeah ?" , "let me ask you a question " i said very quietly "Okay tell me " he answer , "Do you locked your phone ?" , "Huuuuu, Okay, this not the problem now " He said trying not to be fooled, "Yeah, I was sure about that, and okay your right but, so pleas take my phone and call me back, okay ? " i said hoping he'll say yes , "Yeah sure i will but hum...", i heard that the girl's was asking where i was so i whispered quickly, "Thank's so much" and i hang out the phone and go back to the room.

"Hey, where were you ?" Emma asked me , Emma is also a blond girl she is as fan as Caroline and Abbie who who has chestnut hair , "Hum i was, i was " what i was doing i asked my self ... "Oh yeah sorry hum i was looking for some water, yeah some water, because i lost my bottle," i said thinking about my phone , "Oh , okay then come in we're going to look what we bring,", "Oh, no thank's i mean yes i come in but just for change my clothes and then i'll go have walk outside", "Oh , okay then , hum what are you going to wear ? "she asked me , "Hum, sure, let me see .." i wore a blue light blouse with a white Jean and sandals, i took my bag tell the girl's bye and walk away .

It was new for me "London" and i didn't really knew where i was going, so i was walking the wind in my hair and i saw star buck so i bought a milkshake and walk again until i saw a small park with two swing which was empty so I sat on the swing still with the milkshake in my hand, looking at the sky and thought, after half an hour i felt two hands on my eyes.

Thank's for reading my story, let me know what you think it mean a lot to me XX
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