Kiss me

This girl who went to London with High-School but she is coming from France, she never knew that something like meting One direction or have conflict with them or one of them ... but everything can happen.


1. One day


"Mona, are you ready ?!" my mother screamed from the stairs, "almost, wait mum, i told you that it'll take time !" i said back to her while putting mu songs on my Ipod, "Okay i wait in the car, do it as fast as you can" , "Sure, mum i will".Today i go to London with my college and it's only 4 Am, and i have to be at my college at 5 Am and I was far from having finished to put my music's on my Ipod.

5 minutes later ---

I was now ready i took my Ipod, and my suitcases, my phone you know the whole necessary's stuff, i look at my self on the mirror i was wearing a long brown shirt with sandals and gold bracelets and rings, my hair was long and brown and i have natural curls i actually wear a little mascara and that it i didn't like to wear to much make up for school ... Once i was ready to go i put my suitcases in the trunk of the car my handbag was with me and my Iphone white 4s in my hand   my Ipod on my bag ... and then we go .

Once arrive at my college my mother turned of the cool mother to the protective mother. "You didn't forget anything honey ?" "No mum i didn't bye i love you" "And your phone ? and..and your charger ?" "Momy, i told you that  yes i took it, give a kiss to dad and tell him that i love him and you too ! " I give her a hug "Okay, so you go ?" "Yes, i go mum , they wait for me i'll be not present if i don't go now, so i love you " it's even better that way you will remain" "Bye mum see you in a week "

I finally succeeded in to go away, i join my "Friend" and went to the big bus, i took the chair next the window because i like seeing where we're going, i put my earphone on my ears and closed my eyes till we arrived.

I wake up because of my "friend" who did not stop to shake me and tell me that we arrived, so i open my eyes and i saw the great wheel of London and i giggled of happiness, so at this moment i decided to not ruining this week at London so i told my self that i would do all  i want whenever i want on my own way so i took my suitcases and my handbag and i  slowly walk back as nobody can see me, i walk walk walk and then i fell into someone, and the person fell too, above me and i saw those beautiful green eyes and that perfect curly hair, he smiled at me and he stood up and held out his hand for me to get up, he was staring at me so i shyly look down and i saw that my phone fell and my Ipod and allot stuff and his keys and his phone too but  he was still holding my hand and when he saw it he began so shake his hand and said "Hey, i'm sorry , i didn't want to i was a little pressed ", "Oh no it's okay i didn't look behind me it was my fault  too" he then looked down and rushed to help me picking up our stuff and unintentionally he took my Iphone and I took his and once we pick up he helped me to to get up "By the way i'm Harry,.. Harry Styles" "Oh yeah i know you Harry nice to meet you i'm Mona .. just Mona ""Well nice to meet you just Mona, hum it sounds like you have an accent or am i wrong ?" he said smiling, "No , i mean yes hum i'm French i just came from France to London with my school, yeah ..." "Ho so you're French, well let me tell tell you that you have a beautiful accent and your English is perfect ",  "Thank's" i said blushing a little bit, "Hum Mona i have to go the lads are waiting for me but hum, I may see you again, you stay here don't you ?" he said worriedly "Yeah , i mean i stay here just for a week, so yeah i may see you too, bye" i said taking my suitcases and my handbag and walking away from him, "Bye " he said back and walking back to his way. 

When i was walking i was thinking about what just happened but then i thought that i have to put my suitcases somewhere so i decided to go back with my college just for the hotel where i can sleep and letting my stuff but of course i wanted my  own room as i can close the door when i'll be away, so i join back my class and went to the hotel.

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