Wonderland (Sequel To Summer Love)

Danielle is 7 months pregnant, she finds out she's going to have twins.
Will they make it back in time for Nialls and Danielle's baby's?

(Short Sequel)


5. 5

They were about half way through there concert; I was just chilling, drinking some juice.
"I feel weird." I said to Destiny, "Gurl, your pregant. How are you supposed to feel?" "No, I mean I feel very dif-- Oh my god." I said, "what?!" She shouted.

I looked down at my pants and they were soaked! "MY WATER BROKE!" I shouted, I could tell Niall heard, because it was his part I'm 'I Would' and his tone changed after I said it, and he looked back.

"Oh My Gosh!" She shouted, all the girls walked over and quickly got me in the car.

"Niall.." I whispered, I hurt, but I was bummed because Niall wouldn't be there.

"It's alright Danielle, he'll be there, trust me."

Nialls POV;

I heard Danielle shout that her water broke and I kinda messed up on my part, I looked back and could see worry in her eyes.
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