Wonderland (Sequel To Summer Love)

Danielle is 7 months pregnant, she finds out she's going to have twins.
Will they make it back in time for Nialls and Danielle's baby's?

(Short Sequel)


4. 4

Half way in the day we are; getting ready for there concert. Like any other day.

I changed into a loose tan shirt and skinny jeans. I didn't do anything fancy, but I was just being prepared for my baby.

I walked over to Niall and saw him chatting with the boys so I just left him alone.

I walked over to the girls and sat next to them.

"Excited?" Dan asked, "Not really, more anxious, and scared. But if course I'm gonna be happy." I said and smiled. "Don't be scared babe. Everything Is gonna be fine!" She said, being the amazing friend she is. "Thanks." I smiled,

We pulled up to the stadium and got out.

We walked in and it was gorgeous! Seats everywhere, there were string of many colors, and the words 'One Direction' written on the seats.

It was beautiful! I got excited and ran backstage and grabbed some food. "I'm so hungry!" I shouted, they were about 10 minutes till the show, I peeked over and watched the girls jump around in excitement, a few were already crying!

I remember when I was like that with the Jonas Brothers. Good times!

I turned over to see my little Nialler all dressed up. "You look so handsome." I whispered and gently kissed his lips. "You look so beautiful!" He said and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you, why are you so amazing? Gosh, I love you so much Niall. You are my everything." I said and hugged him tightly.

They all went up on the stage and started singing.

Another regular day.

(Or was it? Find out next! A few more chappies till its over!! Oh no!)
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