Wonderland (Sequel To Summer Love)

Danielle is 7 months pregnant, she finds out she's going to have twins.
Will they make it back in time for Nialls and Danielle's baby's?

(Short Sequel)


3. 3


We pulled up to the dinner place and made our way out. I grabbed onto Nialls hand we all walked in. "Table for 10." He said, the waitress's eyes grew big. "Okay.." She said and escorted us to our seats.

We quickly ordered since we were all very exhausted and wanted sleep.

We all chatted for a little bit about blah blah.

"Babe. The doctor said the baby will be coming in a few days, what if you guys don't finish with the concert in time?"
"It'll be fine, I promise." He said and kissed my cheek. I smiled and the waitress came up to us. "Here you go, enjoy." She said an walked away.

We all dug in, but I barely touched it. I was more worried and kinda scared about having the baby, it'd hurt..

We quickly cleaned up and walked out of the place. I got in the car and rested t head on Nialls shoulder as we both sat in the back seat.

He traced circles in my hand that was rested onto his knee.

I leaned up and kissed him lightly on the lips.
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