Wonderland (Sequel To Summer Love)

Danielle is 7 months pregnant, she finds out she's going to have twins.
Will they make it back in time for Nialls and Danielle's baby's?

(Short Sequel)


2. 2

Nialls POV;

I woke up and looked over to see Danielle sleeping.
I snuck out of the bunk and walked over to the small pantry we had, I grabbed some pancake mix, eggs, and some sausage.

I turned on the skillet and mixed the pancake mix and added water. I poured some batter onto the skillet and let them sit, I quickly made the eggs an slowly cooked the sausage since they cooked so fast.

"What's cooking sugar?" Zayn laughed, "You scared me!" I said and punched him in the arm.
"You know you liked it." He laughed,

Eventually everyone was in the living room and dining room sitting down.

"Thank god your cooking, I'm starving." Destiny said, "You ate alot last night tho." Louis said an winked,
"Guys. Please. Get a room." Harry said,
"We weren't doing anything!" Louis shouted,
"But you were talking about what you did! And it might lead to something!" Zayn laughed,
Destiny was bright red.

"Can we do something today?" Liam asked, "how about a movie? Or we could go to a hockey game?"

"A hockey game sounds nice." I said, "It starts at 3, be ready!"

I looked over and saw Danielle wall in, "somebody slept in." I said and kissed her cheek. "I was exhausted." She said, and hugged me.

"Eat guys!" I said and played everyone, "Thanks babe." Danielle said and kissed me.

We ate and quickly got dressed for the game.


"I can't believe our team lost!" Liam said as we got in the car, "Liam, it's fine! There's always next week!" Harry said,
We drove to our next stadium and hung out in the bus trying to find something to do.
"Lets go out to eat?"
"Yeah." We all agreed and drove to dinner.

This was short, but I don't feel good! I'll update again later<3
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