Wonderland (Sequel To Summer Love)

Danielle is 7 months pregnant, she finds out she's going to have twins.
Will they make it back in time for Nialls and Danielle's baby's?

(Short Sequel)


1. 1

Danielle's POV;

"Alright guys, your on in 5." The manager said, me and the girls shouted good luck to them as they walked on the stage gettin prepared.
I could hear the girls scream as they walked up there,

"How you guys doing tonight?!" Niall shouted, they all screamed.
"Wanna start out with some questions?" Liam asked the crowd, "how about you?" He said and put the microphone up to a girl. She was balling! "Niall; when did you and Danielle fall in love?" She asked, "Well, I fell inlove with her at about 12 years old, I told her last year, ad then we started going out." He smiled and looked back and winked, I blushed.

Liam had a few more girls ask questions.
"Alright! That's it for the questions, you guys ready?" He asked. They all screamed very loud.

"Sing along if you know the words!" Zayn shouted, they sung, "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah!" They sung, everyone sung along.

I giggled and me and the girls sung to eachother. I walked over to grab some fruit, and man, I was craving a beer. "Don't do it Danielle." Dan said to me, "I know, I know, I'm sorry. Could you get me some juice?" I asked, she nodded and grabbed me some, "thanks." I smiled and walked over to sit down.

"It sucks not being able to drink with that baby huh?" Jade asked drinking. Of course.
"Yeah, makes it harder when people are walking around me with a bottle in there hand." I laughed.
"Oh! I'm sorry," she said and sa it down on the table.
"It's fine."
"I'm so jealous of you and Niall." Dan said,
"But you have Liam, he's so sweet, and he loves you to death." I said, she giggled.
"Your right, I think it's just because your pregnant, and I've always wanted kids." She said,
"The time will come when it's right, I promise." I smiled and tapped her nose.

Destiny walked over; "You know me and Louis are gonna have a houseful of kids, not just because we don't want to use condoms, it's because we love kids." She said with the straightest face ever. We all looked at eachother and died laughing, "what?" She asked,
"You and Louis, oh my gosh, you guys are gonna be buying loads of new beds a week, aren't you!" Jade said and died laughing.
"Mmm, maybe." She said an walked off.


"Thank you Washington! You have a wonderful night!" Harry shouted and they all got off stage.
"So, I heard what you guys were talking about." Louis said and grabbed a carrot.
"What might that be?" I asked,
"Me and Destiny buying new beds, and we don't like condoms and were gonna have alot of kids?" He said and put his sassy side on. "Oh Louis. We're not babysitting!" I laughed. Destiny walked back over and Louis slapped her bum.
"You can't get enough if this can't you?" She laughed, he nodded, and kissed her, leading them to the dressing room..

"Why are they the only ones that ever gt it on!?" I laughed,
"Well... Not just thoughs two. Me and Harry did a couple times." She blushed, Harry's eyes got big and walked off, and he was red!

"Alright guys, lets head to bed." Zayn said and we all walked off to the bus.

How was that?! I hope you all liked it!! (: <3
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