I Miss You

I miss you more each passin day. More then words can say. The smile so tender. The look in your eyes.


1. I Miss You

I miss you

More then words can say

More then the showers in May

More then a sprinkle of rain


I miss you when your gone

The sweet little smile

The look in your eyes


No matter how far you are

I always hear you say

Smile my darling

I'm here


Your the one who sings to me

Who makes my life complete

That holds my hand

When I feel alone


Your the one who holds me up

Never puts me down

Your my everything

I miss you


You pick roses for me

Rock me in your arms

Kiss me all over

With no fear


I'm lost without you

Don't want to spend one day

Without you by my sidw

I love you


You take my breath away

While stars twinkle at night

The moon is out

Your by my side


You help me soar

Like a dove of love

But I know your here

Always when I need you

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