The Happiness Clinic (1D Fan-Fic)

A medical research company develops a way to help adults troubled by a traumatic childhood: they can have their distressing memories replaced with memories of a happy loving childhood. When Lauren Murphy wakes up in a Happiness Clinic and discovers that her past is a computer-generated lie, she must decide if she wants to stay happy or rediscover her real life. But when she meets someone who understands her, baggage and all, her opinion becomes more vulnerable as she chooses between two lives. Both hers. (Which member of 1D would you like in the story? If you help you will be rewarded!)


3. The Sound of Charlotte

I held the thousands of sheets of paper loosely in my hand. They were to be read, signed and mailed by tomorrow morning, and it was all just to start my new life. As I stood from my tatty old bean bag chair, I heard the faint and distant sound of the doorbell from the front hall. The papers dropped to the floor. I stood, yet again, alone and afraid of what could be on the outside. But in the end, what would it matter? If all went well, I wouldn't remember anything about what was about to happen.

"Lauren! Open up!" An extremely familiar voice rang, followed my more knocking and another ring of the bell. Harry. He'd come and found me. He's here to kill me, he's here to set fire to my house, he's here to... to... I have no idea, why would my ex-husband want to waste any of his time doing that to someone as pathetic as me?

A giggle came from outside, one I could recognise from a mile away. The sound of Charlotte. I sprinted towards my half broken door and rammed it open. 

"My baby!" I screamed as I lifted Charlotte up from the ground and squeezed her much too tight. I was probably hurting her, but she said nothing. As I placed her down, I took into consideration how much she had grown. She was at least 8 now.

My smile disappeared and a scowl emerged onto my face as I glared at my ex-husbands grin.

"Why are you smiling?" I growled.

"Cos' I missed you." His grin grew. I could've lunged at him, right here, right now, and completely murdered him. But I took another glance at my daughter, and I contained my anger.

"Harry Edward Styles, get out of my house!" I warned him as I attempted to slam the door. Putting his foot in the doorway, he lifted up Charlotte. He's still the same, an awkward, immature child who wouldn't take no for an answer. Who drives so crazy, you stay like that for years. Four years.

"Take Charlotte for the evening." He stated calmly. I haven't seen him or my daughter in four years, and he turns telling me I'm allowed to look after her? He handed me my only daughter as he turned around and left. Is this his way of apologising after so long?

"Come on sweetie." I murmured to Charlotte as I took her upstairs to run her a bath. Still barely aware of what was happening around me. 


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