The Happiness Clinic (1D Fan-Fic)

A medical research company develops a way to help adults troubled by a traumatic childhood: they can have their distressing memories replaced with memories of a happy loving childhood. When Lauren Murphy wakes up in a Happiness Clinic and discovers that her past is a computer-generated lie, she must decide if she wants to stay happy or rediscover her real life. But when she meets someone who understands her, baggage and all, her opinion becomes more vulnerable as she chooses between two lives. Both hers. (Which member of 1D would you like in the story? If you help you will be rewarded!)


2. Speaking of Happiness

The phone rang for a long while as I got increasingly impatient, when it was answered by an unfamiliar voice.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The almost robotic voice spoke into the phone.

"Could I speak to Dr. Pope please...?" The sound of depression lingered in my voice as I sniffled, keeping back the tears. "I want to book a session as soon as possible" 

"Ok, ok, don't worry I'll get him..." The voice trailed off as the sound of chairs moving left me alone at the phone.

"Dr. Pope here." He tried to sound professional, but the tone of happiness in his voice made me burst into tears yet again. I could no longer hide the pain, I needed help, and fast.

"It's Lauren, it almost happened again! I need another session, I want this torment over!" I wailed into the speaker, covering it with salty tears of pain. I put the phone on the table momentarily as I tried to pull myself together, putting on a mini lecture inside my head followed with hand gestures and telling offs. When I was ready, I placed the phone back next to my ear.

"Come in. Now." Dr. Pope stated abruptly as he hung up. I shoved the phone on the stand whilst grabbing my coat and jogged out the door, taking with me my keys and  packet of tissues,

As I followed the path, dirty looks shot in my direction, telling me "Town wacko", "Leave for good", "Stay away from my house". Hopefully if all went well, these looks would say otherwise. Barely anyone had met me, but because of I sudden outbursts of attempting suicide, wailing and screaming from my house, everyone was quick to judge. They assumed I was mental, unaware of the valid reason for me cries of help.

*     *     *

I ran towards Dr. Pope's office door as I immediately saw him waiting outside, I gave him a desperate look for help as he gestured me in and towards the leather brown sofa. We sat silently for a moment, no words coming in my direction. When Dr. Pope began to speak.

"Lauren, I understand you have had a traumatic childhood, an alcoholic mother and nothing but neglect. You've had many sessions with countless specialists throughout the country and yet your flashbacks, thoughts of ending your life, and continuously self-harming yourself keep returning. Today, we are going to change it for good, no matter the extent and I'm sure you will be pleased to hear that I guarantee we can do this. Together." He spoke as if already written and practised thousands of times, this reassured me, telling me that he really cared about helping me. So I nodded silently, but still without a smile upon my lips.

"The Happiness Clinic." He stated. I sat confused, it sounded like a drug rehabilitation centre, or the loony bin, or worse. I just hope Dr. Pope knew what he was talking about. "You seem bewildered, and very silent." He continued. "The Happiness Clinic is a place that gives you a second chance, a second chance a life. All that trauma, bad memories and hate will disappear from your very memories, the perfect cure for someone like you. But you must understand, your life will be erased, anything that ever was, anyone you knew will disappear your memory." I smiled. Finally. No one I had ever met was even kind to me let alone worth keeping in my memory, if this was my new chance at life, then I was going to grab it openly with both hands.


A/N Sorry for the short chap! How you liking the new book so far? Eh? Anyway, this is gonna be one of those books, not the longest chapters but a lot of them. Please comment, favourite, like and fan! BY THE WAY I NEED MORE LIKES AND FAVES TO CONTINUE WRITING. SELF CONFIDENCE NEEDED!

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