The Happiness Clinic (1D Fan-Fic)

A medical research company develops a way to help adults troubled by a traumatic childhood: they can have their distressing memories replaced with memories of a happy loving childhood. When Lauren Murphy wakes up in a Happiness Clinic and discovers that her past is a computer-generated lie, she must decide if she wants to stay happy or rediscover her real life. But when she meets someone who understands her, baggage and all, her opinion becomes more vulnerable as she chooses between two lives. Both hers. (Which member of 1D would you like in the story? If you help you will be rewarded!)


1. Prologue

"No! Please, don't! Don't touch me! Get away from me, I didn't do anything wrong mummy! I told them nothing!" Her hand flung back and began to plummet towards my pale face.

I woke up embraced by several pillows, sweating to the point that I could have drowned in the very room, and still remembering that one night. I sat up and took a few deep breaths, then began to burst into tears, half crying and half screaming. "No! Stop!" I exclaimed as I ran down to the empty kitchen and approached the draw filled with the finest cutlery. I grabbed a bread knife and plummeted it halfway to my chest, ready to finish the endless torment. The knife dropped to the porcelain tiles beneath me as I stared vacantly, not moving my body an inch, and returned yet again to the stinging tears. Still alive, but just as well as dead in my mind.



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