That Romance in Summer `09

It is just a old, boring life for Rosa... Until she sprints through the streets of London, directing a very famous band to her flat to hide. She thought it was just for a while.. But then, they end up living with her. Life isn't what it seems to be, trust me...


2. Lucky Sleepover

I couldn't believe it!! One Direction were staying in my house.. THE BEST BOYBAND EVER!!  ''So, shall we go shopping for nightwear?", Liam wondered. ''Uh, I'll go. So you won't get caught by the fans.'', I replied. ''But you don't know our sizes..'', Harry stared. ''Actually, I do. I do my research'', I stated, trying not to sound creepy or making them feel uncomfortable. ''Okay..'', Harry muttered.

I left, ran down to the shop and went into the Boys Selection of Clothing. I ran to the Pyjamas Section. I found nice 2-piece Pyjamas and got them all in 5 different colours. I walked over to the till to pay. Once I paid for them, I ran back home. I turned my key in the door and walked in. ''Boys, I have PJ's for you'', I called them. They walked downstairs, I could see that they were in the middle of brushing their teeth. ''Oh, sorry boys'', I apologized. They accepted the apology and took the pyjamas. When they came downstairs, they thanked me. 

I just stood there, staring a them in admiration. ''Uh.. What are you looking at?'', Louis asked, as he raised an eyebrow. ''You look nice, that's all'', I confessed. ''Thanks, um... What was your name again?", Niall pondered. ''It's Rosa, Rosa Jones.'', I smiled. ''Ooh, isn't Rosa a French name?", Liam asked. I nodded and told them ''My mother was French, so.. Y'know''. ''Was?", whispered Louis, ''As in-'' and Louis made a dead gesture. I nodded. ''If you can, could you tell us how? I understand, if you don't want to-''. I cut him off by replying ''I'll tell you, don't worry''. Louis smiled for a second, then he pulled a serious face. ''My mother was coming over by jet, for my birthday'', I began, ''But the Pilot wasn't paying attention, he was asleep and the co-pilot was on his phone, apparently..''. ''They crashed'', gasped Zayn. I nodded. 

After a few hours, the boys and I were playing soon the bottle, which was bound to be good because I was the only girl there! It was Harry's turn to spin it and it landed on Louis. Aw, so cute! ''Aw, Larry Stylinson is real'', I giggled. Harry blushed and Louis smiled. Louis leaned in for a kiss and Harry kissed him on the cheek. ''Lips. It's the rules, Harry..'', I gazed at him. Harry grabbed Louis and gave him a cheeky kiss, this time on the lips. Then, it was Lou's turn. When he spun the bottle, it landed on my dad!! I literally ROFL. They actually kissed, too. It was my Dad's turn. He spun, but it landed on me. ''Dad, I'm your daughter. This doesn't count'', I groaned. He rolled his eyes and said ''Fine, geez''. I smiled. It landed on Niall. Niall just sat there, laughing his head off. They eventually kissed. The last person to spin the bottle was me. It landed on Liam, he leaned in. I kissed him, after a fight with Dad about how this was JUST a game. He was so over protective.

I sighed and sorted out all sleeping bags for us all. My Dad wanted to sleep upstairs, his loss. 

Paul's P.O.V 

I'd rather stay up here in bed, curled up with a book than join them downstairs in lumpy, uncomfortable sleeping bags. Yet again, it's only fun. They are only young, I guess they are having harmless fun at their age. Then again, I've forgotten what it's like to have this so-called 'fun'. 

Anyway, I should just forget about my younger years and just deal with the fact that it'll be just me and Rosa from now on. Those lads will be out, soon enough. But they seem nice blokes. Rosa will hate it, when they leave. I can tell she really likes these boys. And my wife, Aimée would most likely be the one to offer them a place to stay. Should I do this? I don't know, maybe I should. Rosa would love that. But they're famous, they'll be coming and going. 

I should leave this, until the morning. We'll have a good talk about it, all of us. It's for the best to leave it until morning, or is it? I don't know.. Ugh! I'll have to leave it until the morning.

 For now, I'll just stick to reading this book. No, you know what? This book is boring. I'll watch some Television. Is there anything good on T.V?! I'll just go to bed, then.

Rosa's P.O.V

I'm bored, I don't like this 'Jeremy Kyle' bloke. He's pushy.. ''I'm hungry'', Niall whined. ''When aren't you Hungry?!!", Harry snapped. ''I'll get you food. Nandos sound good?", I offered. Niall drooled over the word 'Nandos'. ''I'll take that as a 'YES', then..'', I chuckled over Niall's love for food. I phoned up Nandos and ordered chicken for Niall. 

When the food arrived, they handed me 5 bags of chicken. It cost me £57.95 to pay for Niall, the only money me and Dad had was £60 anyway. So, the amount of money we had left was £2.05. My Dad was bound to go nuts. "I'm so sorry.." Niall cried. I nodded, as if to say 'It's okay'. "Here, take this..'', Liam said softly. He offered me money. ''Li, I'm not charity'', I argued. He slipped it into my hand and commanded me to take it. ''O-Okay, thank you. I owe you'', I grinned. Liam stared at me in shock, which made me puzzled about what he was doing that for. ''You paid for 5 bags of chicken for Niall, I think that it is US that owe YOU..'', he pointed out. I smiled. ''Is anyone bored, too?", I questioned. All of the boys raised their hands. I was shocked that they were bored, too. ''Wanna play something? Oh, truth or dare..'', beamed Louis. We all agreed to this request. ''Okay, who's going first?", I requested. Niall grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the kitchen. I stared at Niall. ''Listen up'', he ordered. I nodded, unsure of what was going on. ''Liam fancies you and I've got proof'', Niall swallowed. He held up a sketchpad that Liam had drawn 'Love' pictures of us two on. I blushed. Niall suggested that I had to make a move. I was too shy.

We returned. Liam looked at the ground and I could see he thought that me and Niall had something going on. Niall started the game. ''Liam, I dare you and Rosa to.. Go into the closet or 5 minutes, with that time kiss and flirt'', Niall smirked. I giggled and Liam blushed like crazy. Liam took my hand and took me into the wardrobe. Liam told me about his crush on me and asked me out. I nodded. He took me by my hand and kissed it. I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. When our 5 minutes were over we walked out and sat next to each other. 

A few hours later, we all fell asleep and Liam snuggled next to me. Next thing I knew, I felt a sweet sensation touch against my forehead. It was Liam's sweet lips. I smiled and he asked for a drink. I  got him a glass of water and he took it. He washed it to say Thank You to me. I was so happy that he was mine, no one else's. Just mine. And I loved knowing that.

Soon enough, all the dishes were done by my new, beautiful boyfriend, Liam Payne!!!! I felt guilty, considering he was my house guest and my new boyfriend. ''Babe, we should get back to sleep, not that you need it, you're looking good'', I whispered. Liam blushed. We both made our way to the sleeping bags.

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