That Romance in Summer `09

It is just a old, boring life for Rosa... Until she sprints through the streets of London, directing a very famous band to her flat to hide. She thought it was just for a while.. But then, they end up living with her. Life isn't what it seems to be, trust me...


4. Life with One Direction

Liam's P.O.V

Rosa didn't want to leave Paul, so I had to take her by the hand and lead her into the taxi. ''I'm sorry, I get so attached to people like my Dad'', Rosa admitted. I replied ''It's O.K, I don't blame you''. Rosa decided that she didn't want to go back to the school, so the taxi took us both home.

We sat on the sofa, as soon as we got in. Then Harry came downstairs and joined us. ''Hey guys! Where's Paul?", Harry chattered. I snapped ''Harry!". ''He doesn't know, it's alright'', Rosa convinced. Harry turned his head in confusion. ''My Dad got stabbed.. He's dead'', Rosa confessed. Harry apologized. ''It's not you that killed him, so don't apologize'', Rosa grinned. ''Okay, dinner's on me tonight'', I insisted. Rosa shook her head. ''Babe, I may be depressed, but I can cook or take us out'', Rosa added. ''Let ME take YOU out and I'll leave the boys omelets and there's some Pepsi'', I begged. ''Okay, but I'm paying'', Rosa demanded. I nodded in agreement. 

I ran upstairs to get changed. I ran into me and the boys' bedroom to get a purple 'BurBerry' T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Then I threw on some white trainers. I walked to the Oriental Diner and made a reservation. I text Rosa. The text I sent her read:

To: Rosa

Hey. Get ready, can't wait to see you, beautiful! xxx 

Ten minutes after that text, I saw a black limousine pull up. Rosa stepped out, oh my.. She looked absolutely beautiful! She was wearing a purple dress, black heels, she wore her hair in a bun and held a purple clutch purse. Rosa took me by the hand and told  ''You are so sweet, thanks for doing this''. ''It's alright. You deserve a good time'', I assured. I lead her into the restaurant. She ordered rice, as she was a vegetarian and I ordered chicken and rice. When we went home, Rosa asked if I could sleep with her tonight because she wouldn't be able to sleep alone after what happened today. I agreed, as it would be the best for both of us. So, we cuddled up in her bed and fell asleep.

Next day...

Harry's P.O.V 

I woke up and walked into Rosa's room to see how she was coping... Liam was in there handing her breakfast-in-bed. Well, all I have to say is that he's never done that for me! Gr.. 

They spotted me, when I cleared my throat and they just stared at me for a second. ''Hey, Haz. Didn't see you, come in'', Rosa summoned me. I walked over and plopped myself down onto a beanbag. ''How you holding up?", I questioned. ''Fine'', she began, ''but I think that it won't stop appearing in my thoughts and dreams''. ''You've been having dreams about this?", Liam blurted out. Rosa advised him not to worry, that she was sure it would go away. Liam wasn't so sure about that.

''Haz, could you be a big help? Can you check the boys are all here? I don't want anyone else to get hurt like my dad'', I whined. ''Yep'', I answered and checked. Everyone was there and we walked in to show her. ''Thank God!", Rosa gasped. 

I went downstairs to chill out. I sat down on the sofa and watched a horror film. It got boring, so I turned it off. I found Rosa's laptop and logged it on. I went onto the internet and there was Tumblr in another tab. I clicked on it and it was logged in. Rosa's Tumblr name was 'Leeyumismine-Bejealous'. I found this hysterically funny. She posted FanFictions, Imagines and One Shots. I was loving this. I ran upstairs and I showed Liam. ''Oh my god, you were crazy about me! Oh, Rosa..'', Liam smirked. Rosa blushed like mad. Liam went over to hug Rosa. ''Get a room!", Lou, Niall, Zayn and I all screeched at once. Rosa and Liam laughed. ''Oh my god! It's 10 AM and I haven't eaten yet!", Niall panicked. ''There are cereal bars over on that cupboard'', Rosa laughed. Niall went through all ten. We all stared at him, with our mouths open.

I looked at the clock, a few hours later and it turned out to be 1 PM. ''Rosa.. Shopping time!!!", I yelled. Rosa responded ''Be down in a bit, Haz..''.

Rosa's P.O.V

I shot out of bed. ''S'cuse me, boys. I need to get ready'', I beamed. They skipped out, happily. I rushed to my wardrobe. I picked out a 'Sorry, No Spoons..' T-shirt, a short skirt and my black Dolce and Gabbanna handbag. I slipped into my sandals and headed towards my dressing table. I brushed my hair, frizzed it up ( I know that Liam likes that ) and opened my beauty make-up box. I applied light eye-shadow, lip gloss and foundation. Then I rushed downstairs. ''Looking good'', Hazza complimented. ''Nice'', Zayn, Niall and Louis agreed at once. ''I-I'm speechless'', Liam stuttered. ''Aw, thanks guys..'', I smiled. Louis got the car keys and took us to it. We sat in and talked for a bit, while Lou was driving.

Eventually, we arrived at the London Shopping Center. I rushed to Dorothy Perkins. ''Okay, today I'm paying for everything..'', I smiled.Liam rolled his eyes.I went into the swimwear collection part. ''Boys, today we're going SWIMMING!", I began, ''So, pick out some swimwear..''. ''But-'', Zayn got cut off by me saying ''Don't worry, I'll teach you, Zayn..''. ''You know your stuff. About us, of course!", Niall explained. We all laughed. ''Aw, Niall..'', I sighed. He went so red. We went over to the everyday wear. Zayn picked up a varsity jacket, a 'Cool Kids don't dance' T-shirt, quarter jeans and some football boots. Niall picked out a multi-coloured T-shirt, a pair of jeans that had a USA flag on the left back pocket and daps. Lou had a striped T-shirt, black skinny jeans and a pair of trainers. Hazza got a white vest, plain black Jacket, baggy jeans and black boots. Liam got a checkered shirt, chinos and converse shoes. I picked out a black top, leather blue shorts and baby blue sandals. Then we went to the formal wear. Nialler chose dunks, jeans and a T-shirt. Hazza got a white vest, a navy blue blazer, black trainers and black trousers. Liam picked up a black tux and black converse. Zayn got a black shirt, trousers and shoes. Lou chose white vans trainers, a white shirt and grey trousers. I chose a black dress with red straps, a designer handbag (also black), and black heels. Niall ran towards the swimwear section. ''Okay, Ni. Calm yourself'', Louis whined. Zayn grabbed graffiti-style shorts. Niall bought shorts which had the American flag on. Lou had smiley face shorts. Hazza had ones with cats on, and Liam picked navy blue shorts. I picked a plain white bikini. ''Let's pay, boys'', I grinned. We made our way to the till. ''How much do I owe you?", I asked the female cashier. ''Nothing, if I can have a picture with y'all'', She smirked. ''Of course, c'mon'', I nodded. She posed with us for a picture, then we went swimming (once we got changed). "I can't do it!", Zayn cried. ''I'll help you'', Liam insisted, I loved that heart of gold. Zayn ran out. ''I wanna go'', he whined. So, we had to choice, as he wanted us to take him home.


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