That Romance in Summer `09

It is just a old, boring life for Rosa... Until she sprints through the streets of London, directing a very famous band to her flat to hide. She thought it was just for a while.. But then, they end up living with her. Life isn't what it seems to be, trust me...


3. Back to School

Paul's P.O.V

I realized it was 5:39 AM. I quickly rushed into a pair of jeans and a plain white tee shirt. I mean downstairs, only the Irish lad seemed to be awake. 

I walked to the Irish boy, he introduced me to his name and I told him that my name was Paul. ''I've got something that'll keep us all satisfied. ''Would you agree to stay here?", I pondered. Niall responded with ''Of course, if that's okay with you..''. I nodded. Then, at that moment, the curly-haired boy woke up, I believe his name is Harry.

After a while, all the lads (except from Liam) had woken up and gotten dressed into clothes that Rosa had bought for them. ''So, what's your morning routine?", I babbled. Niall shrugged. I laughed. I already approved of these lads. They made my daughter happy, so they made me happy.

I made the boys some cereal. Zayn had Shreddies, Harry had Coco Pops, Louis had Ready Break and Niall had Sugar Puffs. ''Liam won't have Cereal. He doesn't like using spoons'', Zayn added. I nodded. 

Rosa's P.O.V

I felt a shiver go down my spine. As I open my eyes to see what has caused this, I see Liam beside me and he played with my hair. I giggled. He smiled at me nonstop. ''Babe, do you know what time it is?", I whispered. He told me ''It's 5:55 AM..''. I got out of my sleeping bag and rushed upstairs. For some reason, this was amusing to Liam. Hmm.. The mysteries of a famous singer, who happens to be in an awesome band... Of boys. :D!!! 

I ran into my bedroom, threw on a 'Off The Shoulder-Tee' and a pair of denim shorts. I put my hair into a ponytail and put on a pair of Ugg's. I ran downstairs and drank a bottle of water. ''Rosa, you're going to school, don't put so much effort into it'', My Dad laughed, god knows why. I replied with ''Whatever''. Liam smiled over our awkward conversation. ''Come on, watch T.V. with me'', Liam insisted. I walked over to watch 'Toy Story' with him. He loved it. I did, too.

A few hours later, Harry drove me to school. Liam blew me a kiss, but people saw this. I walked into school and all these popular girls followed me around. ''Something I can help you with, Ladies?", I muttered. ''You go out with Liam from 1D..'', bellowed Chantelle, the head cheerleader in school. I nodded. ''You're trying to steal my spotlight, are you?!!", She screeched at me. I responded ''I am not trying to do anything. I didn't know people noticed and I actually do have a heart, unlike you. And it is full of love for my boyfriend, Liam'', I whispered, mockingly. She shook her head and all her other friends just stood there, cross-armed.

I walked to my form room. Unfortunately, Chantelle walked with me because she had the same form as me. She kicked me from behind, I yelled and everyone laughed, apart from my form teacher. Mrs. Vella, my form teacher helped me up and leaded me to my chair. ''Thanks, Mrs. Vella'', I smiled. ''It's okay, Rosa. Chantelle, you get after-school detention for your behavior'', Mrs. Vella explained. ''Ugh, stupid teacher..'', Chantelle mumbled. 

Fifteen minutes later, the bell rang. By the time I walked downstairs, my phone rang. People surrounded me, desperate to listen to my conversation. I answered it, it happened to be Liam. ''Hi, Li. What's wrong?", I wondered. ''Hey, beautiful. Your teachers should know bout us, so they'll give you access to be alone''. ''Okay, thanks babe'', I smirked and hung up.

Everyone stared at me, I tried to walk away but they followed me. I ran through the hallways and they chased me. My best friend, Porscha pulled me into my science class. My teacher stood there, with an angry look on her face. ''Sorry, I'm late, Miss. I was being chased and-'', I tried to tell her, but she cut me off. ''Come with me!", she shouted. I was dragged to my headteacher's office. ''She was late. Her excuse was she was chased over whatever. I couldn't care less'', Mrs. Magacinee went on. The headteacher began ''Ah, yes. She is apparently a famous boy's girlfriend, so I assume she will get a lot of attention. So, that's all. Back to the lesson, Magacinee''.

At break time, I hung out with Porscha at my form room. ''So, what's he like? Have you kissed yet?", she asked, in a hushed tone. I replied ''He's very sweet, romantic and a bit shy. And yes, we have kissed. I loved it...'', I winked. She looked gob-smacked. I giggled at her reaction. She told me ''I need one of those boys''. I laughed. She knew how easy it was to make me laugh. 

Then I was told to go to the reception. I walked through the double doors and into reception. To my surprise, it was Liam who I was called to see. ''Let's go, I need to take you with me..'', Liam spoke, this sounded urgent. Liam signed me out, grabbed my hand and ran to the taxi. 'What was going on, Where were we going?!!', I thought. Liam took me by the hand gently and walked me outside to see a hospital. I was so confused.

When Liam had brought me in the hospital, he took me to a room. There was a very special patient there, it was my Father. He had been stabbed several times. I couldn't believe this! ''Wha- Who- How did this happen?", I cried out. ''I came when I got the call, Rosa..'', Liam sighed. ''There is only a small chance that he'll make this'', The doctor confessed. I burst into tears. Later on, I found out that my father wouldn't awake, so he was going to die sooner or later.

This was it. My dad was gone.. I'm gonna have to care for myself, get a job and provide for the boys. It was just us, from now on. I wouldn't be able to cope...

A/N: Now that Paul's gone, the boys are gonna have P.O.V's.. Please comment, if you enjoyed this (which I hope you did) please like it. <3

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