That Romance in Summer `09

It is just a old, boring life for Rosa... Until she sprints through the streets of London, directing a very famous band to her flat to hide. She thought it was just for a while.. But then, they end up living with her. Life isn't what it seems to be, trust me...


1. New Beginnings

Rosa's P.O.V

"Um, Rosa.. We're going back to London, something's come up..'', I heard my Father say to me down the phone.

''But, you know what happened there.. I can't ever go near Goats EVER again!!!", I exclaimed.

''You'll be alright, pigeon.'', My Father, Paul, reassured me. I thought to myself all my worries, all these years.. Would come to me, at last. Oh, God! I can't cope. This is terrible.. As tears streamed down my face, I realized that my Dad was still listening over the phone that I held in the palm of my right hand.

''Buttercup? You still there?!!'' ''Uh, yeah.. Forgot you were still on the phone'', I confessed. ''Ha, you're just like your mother.. When she still alive. But forget about that, Darling. Meet me at the station at 3, alright?", My Dad asked. ''O- Okay, then'', I stuttered. Dad hung up. 

I glanced over a the clock. I had 15 minutes!!! I was still in my Pyjamas and my hair was a mess... I rushed into my room and threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a "Vaz Happenin'?!!" T-shirt. I brushed my hair in a rush and then I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth with my One Direction toothbrush. I sprinted downstairs and slipped into my comfy Ugg boots. Then I ran down to he station, and saw my Dad. 

"Come on, we'll miss our Train!", My Dad yelled, dragging me b my arm and escorted ourselves into the Train. We didn't have to pay because me uncle happened to be driving the Train. I got my phone out, along with my headphones and plugged them in to listen to some music. My Dad peered over my shoulder to see what I was listening to. That was 'Little Things', the beautiful song sung by the magnificent, handsome lads known as 'One Direction'.

Paul's P.O.V

"I didn't know you liked them..'', I stared a my daughter's pale face. ''Well, that's because you're never around to see me'', Rosa muttered. Rosa flinched for a second, then gasped. ''Dad, I don't mean to be like this...'', She cried. ''It's Okay, Darling. I'm sorry, I just get o caught up in my work.'', I apologized. She nodded. 

 For 4 and a half hours, she listened to music and I read some books. It was a painfully, long journey. But soon, we had arrived in London. 

I grabbed my daughter's hand and ran all the way to Abbey Road, number 5, to be exact. My daughter, Rosa, had a (what she calls, but I've never heard of) fan girl attack. ''What's wrong?'', I of confused. Rosa replied ''This is Abbey Road! Didn't the Beatles come here?!!". I gasped. ''Oh yeah, they did'', I smiled. She jumped up and down in excitement. I laughed and approached the door to turn he key in, in order to get in the house. 

As I turned the key, I heard a scream. It wasn't a normal scream, it was Rosa's. I turned around, and I saw a drunken boy hold her and throw her against the wall of the house. I grabbed his wrist and spun him around several times, until he threw up. The boy got up and ran away. Rosa looked impressed, yet amused. I knew it, because at that point she giggled. I opened the door and we walked through it. Rosa gasped in amazement. It was a very beautiful, modern house. We loved it. She ran upstairs and screeched ''I get the big bedroom, this time''. ''Okay, you are so childish..'', I laughed. She hopped back downstairs and simply asked ''What's for Tea?". I shrugged. ''What do you want for tea?", I questioned her. ''I want Soup..'', she answered. ''Lentils?", I offered, since she was a vegetarian. She nodded, then skipped over to the sofa.

''I need to go shopping..'', I moaned. ''I AM COMING!!!", Rosa boomed. We left and ran into a shopping center. I gave her a key, just in case.

I wandered through to the Greens shop, she waited outside. I don't know why, though.

Rosa's P.O.V

I was so bored, it Came to organizing the keys on my chain. Then I saw 5 boys walking over to hide. Wait.. They are 1D!! 

Harry looked at me and explained that fans were after them. Louis wondered if I could lead him to my house. I agreed. I gestured them to follow me. I ran into the wall of my house, then approached the door and opened it. We all ran inside.

''Thanks'', Niall whispered, as he was out of breath. I fangirled. I was so ecstatic. I couldn't talk to them, they were my heroes. Louis smirked ''Good impression of Niall''. I finally spoke. ''No, I wasn't.. Excuse me. I need to nip to the toilet.'', I lied. I ran into the bathroom and screamed. At that time, my father phoned me. I answered. ''Where are you?", he pondered. I muttered ''At the house.. With 1D!!!!". He hung up. I waltzed out of the bathroom.

Next thing I know I saw One Direction hiding behind my sofa!!! ''What's wrong, One Direction?!!", I grinned. There was a knock on the door. I looked through the window, it was my Dad. ''It's not a fan, just my Dad.'', I chuckled. I opened the door and let him in, as it was HIS house, not just mine. ''You were being serious?", My dad gasped. I nodded. ''Hello'', All the boys bellowed at once. I jumped, along with my Father. ''Hi, err.. One Direction'', I swallowed. ''I'm Harry''. ''I'm Louis''. ''I'm Niall''. ''I'm Zayn''. ''And I'm Liam''. ''I know.. So, shall we call you by your names?", I murmured. They nodded in agreement. I smiled. ''Please can they stay, Just for the night?!!'', I begged. He gave up. ''I guess'', he sighed. I fangirled, again. 

Were One Direction actually gonna sleep around in my house?!! Oh My Lord... My heroes. In my house. Sleepover. 

A/N: I'll continue later, Sorry if you didn't like this part. 




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