My best friend Gemma Styles

HI my name is Ella, I had no about Gemma having a brother.
Will I start to love someone even after my dad.
Sorry but I dont know what to write on this :)


1. You have a brother


POV Ella

I was born in Westmeath, Mullingar, my name is Ella and I am 18.

My dad left when my mom was pregnant, but now I have heard that he has FOUR kids…

He just left my mom when she was pregnant! Ugh, I hate him!

That’s why I am scared of being in relationship cause of my dad; I just can’t get over it for some reason…

I work at Nandos yumm that food is good!

I was bullied at school but luckily I had my best friend Gemma Styles always by my side.

It was just a normal day at Nandos as a guy came up to me and said “Hey sexy” and winked at me as he took my hand.

“Stop it!” I said as I took my hand away, “No why should” he said and came closer to me as a guy came up to him and said “she said stop it!”

“Why should I, you’re not my mom” he said “back away from her” he said while gritting his teeth.

“NO!” he said and pushed the blonde guy; he just punched him smack in his face.

He fell, then got up and started walking away with his head down.

“Thanks!” I say as he ordered ”Oh my names Niall” he said as he took money out of his wallet to pay.

“You just helped me from that guy, so you don’t have to pay. But don’t tell my boss!” I say and winked at him.

“Thanks! Well, see you later” he said as he walked out.

“Bye…” I whispered, I took a look at my watch, shoot I was going to meet Gemma 20 minutes ago.

“Shit…”I mumbled as I took off my work clothes and walked out of Nandos.

I took out my phone and called Gemma, “Hi Gemma um I didn’t know that it was this late” I said while jumping in the car.

“It’s ok I will be at Hollister so you know. Well see ya!” she said and hanged up.

She was probably in Hollister staring at all the hot Hollister models. I laughed to my self as I remembered when she did that.

I park and run to the entrance, I see Hollister on the second floor.

I go on the escalator I then start running and didn’t see where I was going so I bumped in to a guy.

I fell and my knee now really hurts, UGH.

“I am so sorry! Are you ok?” a guy asks I then look up and see a guy with curly hair looking down on me.

“I am ok it’s just that I am going to meet my best friend so bye!” I said and started to walk away.

I finally got to Hollister as I see Gemma staring at the Hollister models.

I walk up to her slowly “You are very pretty today” I say trying to sound like a dude.

“Why thank y- Oh it’s you” she says as she hugged me.

“So were should we go?” I ask “I am just going to get some things from here first” she says.

“Me too” I say as I pick out really cute stuff.

I pay for the clothes as Gemma was waiting for me outside Hollister.

“Should we go get ice cream?” She asked while jumping up and down like a little kid.

“YES!” I say joining her and jumping we then stop as we see people staring at us.

“Watcha looking at?” she asked the people that were staring at us.

I start giggling as we went to get ice cream.

“CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!” she shouted to the guy that works at the Ice Cream place.

He then has a smile on his face and says “sure Gemma” he says.

“Someone likes you” I giggle in her ear “Patrick? You got it all wrong! We were lab partners, nothing else” she whispers.


“Sure” she says as Patrick was making some chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

He then handed us the ice cream and said “you don’t have to pay” he then started to blush.

“Thanks” we said at the same time and walked out.

I then start thinking of Niall and the other guy that I bumped into.

NO I can’t think of them! I mean I can’t love someone. Not after my dad…

“I am still hungry!” I whine “Ok then let’s go eat… SUSHI!” She says while getting excited.

“Fine…” I say as she drags me to the sushi restaurant.

“I would like some California rolls and yakiniku” I said “same here!” Gemma said as we sat down.

The waitress asks for drinks “umm… COKE!” Gemma said “Yea same here” I said.

“Oh you know how going to Australia and all… well can you teach me how to surf?” Gemma asks me.

“Sure! You know I am a pro!” Gemma giggles as we get our food.

“So were going this Saturday?” she asks, and I remember that it’s Thursday.

“Yea!” I say as I eat allot of food.

My phone starts calling, I look at who it is.

Ugh it’s my little brother Nathan, “Hello?” I ask “Hi, um can you get some milk?” he asks.

“I am with Gemma!” I say “But I want and need milk!” he says “That’s your problem! Why can’t you go by yourself?” I ask.

“I don’t have money!” he says “Well cant you wait like two hours?” I ask getting annoyed.

“Fine, well if you have time then can you get me a new snapback?” he asks hopefully.

“NO! Now bye!” I say “Bye” I hear him say and hang up.

“You are lucky that you don’t have a brother!” I say.

“About that…” “huh?” “Umm well I have to show you something since we are done!” she says and gives the money to the waitress.

“Well I will just call him” she said, I was now getting confused I mean what is she talking about? Does she have a… boyfriend um a… I don’t know.

“Oh he is in Abercrombie and Fitch!” she says while dragging me there.

WAS SHE GOING TO RAPE ME? What am I thinking it’s probably nothing big!

I then see the guy I bumped into, Niall and three other guys.

“Hi Niall” I say, “Hi Ella, hi Gemma” he said.

“Hi, guy I bumped into” I said as he said “Hi, girl I bumped into and Gemma”

“Gemma how do they know you?” I asked.

“Well you see… I have a brother” she said

“A what?” I ask.


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