Spy In Love

Julia isn't a normal girl. Not at all. She goes to an exclusive school for spies. I would tell you the location, but that's not necessary. For her Covert Operations class project, she and her best friend, Erin go on an adventure to London. Julia and Erin have to find a major threat to the MI6 agency before anything bad happens to the worlds' top spies. While in London, Julia learns two things that any normal girl would. The price of love, and the price of friendship. This story was inspired by my favorite book series by Ally Carter. It is the Gallagher Academy series.
I present to you, my first novel.
-Amy Morgan
(That's my pen name)


2. Hi, I'm Julia

I suppose you're in shock right now. Yes, I don't look like a spy, but I can kill someone with Halloween candy. If that's necessary. Right now, I'm packing for London. All the essentials... For a spy. Trust me, girls on their period can be dangerous. But I look VERY innocent, and that's helped me in most cases. Nobody has ever suspected me of blowing that furniture store up because the owner was a terrorist in disguise. And because you could never get a good deal on the sofas.

I can't believe it. My plane leaves in two hours, and I've only packed a toothbrush. Among things I don't look like, a romance-obsessed teenager is one of them. I hope to find that someone in London. Erin says its never happening, that I should trust nobody. Well, gotta pack, bye.
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