When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


11. Chapter 9


Emma POV:

When the boys left I had a weird feeling. I really hoped this wouldn't be the last time I saw Liam! He didn't gave me his number and I didn't do it either! I guess we were having to much fun! We laughed every second! Sometimes Harry took me appart and we talked a bit and went in a rollercoaster together! It was a really cool day. A day I'll never forget! 

Before I entered the building I looked at the driving van once more and then got in the elevator with Jess. We talked about how much fun we had and I thanked her because she won the contest and gave me the best day of my life! Even my wedding isn't gonna be better!  

When I got inside the loft Jess said she was going to bed, I let her go because I know when Jess is sleepy and you keep her up, all she can say is dumb stuff that makes no sence! 

I also went to my room and watched some TV while starting my laptop, I opened Twitter and looked at the trends. Omg! Me and Jess are trending! Everybody is saying how lucky we are! Some girls are saying we're beautiful other girls are saying that we're ugly bitches and we should back off! Well, no problem! Then I looked at my mentions and saw like a million new followers and people who mentioned me and Jess! Omg!! I tried to follow a lot of them but there were just so many. Sometimes when I followed someone they said 'OMG, Can believe you followed me! Thanku!' Then I saw that Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis followed me and Jess too probably! I freaked out! How did they found us so quickly? I decided that I woul go to sleep now and check Twitter tomorrow.

*2 weeks later*

When I woke up it was 11 o'clock on a Saturday and I took the outfit for the day. I wasn't planning on doing something except going to work but that was at 5 o'clock so I had some time. I picked out a bleu sweatpants with a beige sweater with a cute owl on it. Some leopard print vans and I took a beani just in case if I had to go somewhere. I did my hair into a bun and walked in the living room where Jess was eating some cereal and watched TV. "Goodmorning sunshine!' she sang. "Hey, why are you so cheered up for?" I asked. "Sorry, just bringing some enthusiasm around here!" She said." "Yeah fine." I said, she rolled her eyes and I walked to the fridge. I wanted to grab the milk for my cereal but there wasn't any left! "Jess! Did you use the last bottle of milk?" I yelled from the kitchen. "I guess so!" She yelled back. "You didn't get a new bottle?" I hate it when she does that! "Sorry, but there isn't anymore bottles left! I went for milk last time now it's your turn!" Ugh she was right. I knew I was gonna need that beanie! I went to the elevator and got to the shop.  

When I got back I finally had breakfast and we watched TV all afternoon.  

Then it was time to get to work. It was a 20 minute ride and the Nando's we worked in was just out London. If we were late we got fired from the second we walk in! I hated working here, everyday you come hom smelling like chicken. I changed into some jeans but I kept on the sweater and the vans.  

When we got at work I had to change the sweater into my uniform, Jess once tried to pimp the outfit and got a warning, if she gets one more strike she out! then it was 5 o'clock and our shift started for the next 2 hours I'll be serving food. Jess would be behind the pay desk.

Niall POV:

When the girls left we all felt a little sad. We were constantly checking their Twitter. We really want to see the girls again but manegment said we weren"t allowed and so we decided that I would go to Nando's one day a week and so nobody would notice that I was looking for them. Jess told me that she only worked Monday, Wensday and Saturday. So every Wensday I went to a different Nando's. I wouldn't mind if I would eat Nando's for the rest of my life! I loved everything about it! Every Nando's I tried something new on the menu. 

It's Saturday and I've been going to Nando's for the last 5 weeks! Everytime I entered I looked around and tryed to find them but they were never there. If I didn't see them I would go ask the manager if Jess and Emma worked here. But they never worked into any of these Nando's. Everytime I got home from Nando's 4 hopefull stares met mine and I just shook my head, then you saw their hopefull smiles sink into a pount.  

I felt like Nando's today and Jess and Emma are working anyway so I could go.  

I drove to a Nando's just outside London and entered the shop, took place at a table not to close to the window, I don't want people to recognize me. I waited about 5 minutes untill somebody came to pick up my order. "Did you make a choise?" I looked up to tell the voice my order and immediately reconized Emma!  

Finally I found them!

Emma POV:

I was going from table to table. Why was this place so full? I hate it to work here! people are always nagging that service is to slow but hello? Haven't they looked around? I'm here all alone! Jeez!  

I heard someone come in when I was in the kitchen to pick up my previous order. I brought the food to the woman and 2 children. Then I walked over to Jess who was just putting the money away. "Hey, are you also that bored as I am?" I asked while resting on the counter. "Yeah, at least you can walk around, I'm have to stand here for 2 hours straight!" She said back. "Yeah, that kinda sucks." I admitted. "If I sit down for 2 seconds I get another warning and then I'm fired! Oh, by the way, 5 minutes ago another customer walk in. You should take his order" She said, that's true I totally forgot that! "Oh yeah, can you go?" I asked. "I just told you, if I leave my desk, I'm out!" She rolled her eyes. "Fine!" She looked at her clock and then mouthed 40 minutes. I walked to the table and saw a blond guy looking into his menu. "Did you make a choise?" I asked. He looked up and his eyes grew big, mine too because it was Niall. He got up and said: "Emma?" "Omg, Niall! How did you found us?" This can be true, this isn't even London? "I actually went to every Nando's untill I found you." Wow! "You really did that? That crazy!" That really is crazy! "I know but the boys really wanted to see you girls again." He admitted. "Oh do they?" I asked curious. "Yeah, Um...Where is Jess?" I chuckled, from the minute we got in the van Niall an Louis were taking Jess from eachother. "Jess is over there by at the pay desk." I saw him look as fast as he could and got up. He walked over to Jess and let me standing here! Classy Niall!

Jess POV:

When Emma left to serve her new client another one came to me to pay the food. "What table were you on?" I asked her. "Table 4." She answered. "Okay that's 24.80£ please." I said. She gave me the money and walked away with her 2 kids after her. I opened the desk to put the money in it when i heard someone clearing his troat. I went on with what I was doing, this client needs to be patient! I hate it when they are doing that. He did it again, "Can you just wait please!' I slightly raised my voice. "Um, sorry!" The voice said. Wait, I know that voice! I quickly looked up to see who it was. Niall! Omg it was Niall. What was he doing here? In all the Nando's he could be he was here in mine! "Omg, Niall? What are you doing here? I mean how are you?" I smiled sweetly. He chuckled. "Yeah it's me! Good Jess and you?" He asked. "Me too, thanks. Now what brings you here?" I really wanted to know. "Um, well...We just, um, wanted to keep in touch but you didn't call Louis so we thought that you didn't want to keep contact and so we went looking for you. And -"He kept going on so I cut him off. "Niall! It's fine, you found us and that's good and I didn't call Louis because I didn't know what to say." I explained. "When are you done working?" He asked. "In 30 minutes, why?" I asked. "Well, would you like to spend another day with One Direction?" He said. "Well yeah duh!" I replyed.  

He waited a half hour for us and ate something while waiting. Something... More like the whole menu! He paid for the food and I got changed into my clothes from before just a superman T-shirt with a black blazer over it, a dark red pants, some black Vans and a brown purse. (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/casual/set?id=69275053). When Emma and I were done dressing we went back go Niall and he drove us to their appartment, we made a little plan in the car. I'm soo excited to see Louis and the others again!

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