When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


10. Chapter 8


Louis POV:

Jess pushed me out the door to get her Icecream in my underwear! I know that I was rude but c'mon this girl knows how to take revenge! I walked to the elevator and pressed the button, I wasn't lucky because a little girl was already in it together with her mum! The girl looked at me and started laughing and the mum looked mad! "Why are you dressed like that?" The girl asked me. "Um, I offened a girl and she got mad and this is her revenge!" The girl started laughing. "But aren't you Louis Tomlinson?" Damn she reconised me. "Yeah..." i said. "can I have a picture with you, please?" I did and also gave her an autograph. Then we finally got to the first floor, I walked to the front door. From the moment I walked trough the door cameras started flashing! I just pretended like I was casually walking on the street while they were shooting me all kind of questions. I entered the shop and asked the young lady behind the desk: "erm.. can I get a chocolat icecream please?" "uhm yeah sure, that will be 1,10 pounds please. Can I ask why are you dressed like this?" she asked. "I um lost a bet." I paid and left the shop and on the way to Jess's home some fans stoppew me and took some pictures with a few girls, They didn't had a problem with my clothing at all! I finally arrived at the appartment and got back in the elevator. I pushed the 'number 9' button and waited until I got to the ninth floor. I knocked on the door and Jess opened the door and starred at me and then started laughing! I gave her the Icecream: "Am I off the hook now?" I asked. She laughed some more. "Thank you. Sure, you're forgiven! Nobody would ever do that for me! I didn't even know you were gonna go that far! Come in, your clothes are wached and dryed! Oh yeah I told the others what happend and they will be staring!" She chuckled and then went to the kitchen for a spoon.

Jess POV

When I opened the door and saw Louis standing in his boxers with a chocolate ice cream I just couldn't stop laughing. Did he really do that for me? Did he really get me an ice cream in his boxers? Wow, Respect Bro!

I finally stopped laughing and he asked me that he was off the hook. I told him he was and thanked him for the ice, I also told him his clothes were ready and that everybody will be staring at him! Then I went to the kitchen for a spoon.

He chuckled and entered the livingroom. He stopped in the middle of the livingroom and said: "Go ahead! Make fun of me!" Everyone started laughing and making comments. I think Emma was the worst she basicly died of laughter.I got back in the living room. Louis had just pulled up his pants and decided to leave his T-shirt off! Was he trying to kill me? I wanted to sit down but there was no room left Niall was already sitting on the floor. I don't want to stand here like a weirdo eating my Ice cream! Louis sat next to Harry and saw me standing here looking for room. "Jess! Come here, sit at my lap!" He said. "You sure?" I asked. "Yeah c'mon!" He said while he patted hid leg showing me I could sit on him. I walked over and sat on his lap. I continued eating my icecream, I turned around to face Louis. "Here, open your mouth, you deserve a bite!" I said. He did and I gave him a bite! "Thanks, babe." I chuckled and turned back around to see the TV. Louis wrapped his arms around my waist, I liked it, but I looked at Niall's face and he didn't!

Suddenly Emma jumped up. "So is this our day with 1D? Watching TV? Who wants to go to Nando's?" Niall jumped up too and yelled: "Meeeee!" Short after that Liam, Harry and Zayn stood up too. I wanted to stand up too but Louis pulled me back. "I don't feel like Nando's, wanna do something else?" He whispered in my left ear. Shivers went down my spine! "Um, well I don't feel like Nando's either but I'm quite hungry." I grabbed his hand and got up then I pulled Louis up. "C'mon! Let's go" I yelled as I walked to the door.

We all got in the elevator again and went down. "So are we really going to Nando's?" I asked. "Why not?" Niall asked. "Well, I'm their for there 3 days a week and I'm kind of sick of it!" I confessed. "How can you be sick of Nando's?" He asked. "Trust me, One week and you're done!" Emma said. "I have an idea!" Liam said. "Tell us bro!" Harry asked. "There is a fair in a city not far from here. We can go there, have some fun and eat something." He continued. "Yeah let's do that!" Emma said.

We all got back in the van and drove to the fair.

When we got there Louis bought the tickets and let us inside. The park was really big! Harry and Niall wanted to do the rollercoaster. I looked at it and my stomach turned. Did I really have to go in that thing? We got in the queue and after 5 minutes we had to get in! No way back now Jess! We sat in the pairs we made earlier. Louis, the cild he was, wanted to have the first seat! "Louis, do we really need to sit in the front? I don't feel so comfi here!" I whispered the last part. "Oooh, little Jess scared?" He poked my rib. "No, I'm not scared, it's just..." I didn't want to admit I was really scared! "So, you're scared but you don't want to tell me. Well the odds aren't in your favour, Jessie. We're already in and when the light is green we leave. There is no way back!" He teased me. "Jessie are you kidding? Please don't let me do this I want to get out!" I said. "Sorry Jess, we're already buckeld up, you can't get out anymore! Here..." He took my hand in his hand. "Hold my hand, when you're scared you can squeze it. Okay?" he said caring. Then the red light turned into orange, I knew what was coming next and squezed Louis hand. The machine started to ride, it went up very slowly and when we were at the top it froze for a second. I looked at how high we were but before I could open my mouth to tell Louis how beautiful the view was, The Rollercoaster was sliding down the rails with an incredible speed! I yelled as hard as I could while squezing Louis hand even harder! We made some loops and then finally we came back to the little station but then the boys all screamed "One moreeee ridee!!!!" "Nonononono! Not another time! Please Lou!" I asked/screamed. "No Jess! it was fun! C'mon!" he said in a annoying little kid voice. "You can go but can I please get out?" I looked at the lady and wanted to point her I wanted to get out but she mis understood and gave me a thumb up and the pushed the button. There we go again! I screamed as loud as I could and afther a while we were back. I stayed silent but secretly wished they didn't say they wanted another time!

Then Liam got out and as the gentleman he was, he took Emma's hand and let her out too. I waited 5 seconds while looking at Louis that he would do the same but when I realized he wouldn't he tryed to get up myself. I was strugling with the buckle when I saw another hand open it for me. I looked up and saw Niall giving me a smile, he opened the buckle and helped me out. "Thanks Niall, if it wasn't for you I would have another ride!" I said while I rolled my eyes and pointed at the speedCoaster behind me. "Anytime Jess! Hey Um, maybe in the next rollercoaster you, I don't know, you can sit next to me?" He rubbed his neck nervous. "Yeah sure Niall. I'll tell Louis!" If I had some alone time with Niall I could found out why he spilled that drink over Louis. 

I walked over to Louis who was talking and laughing with Harry. "Louis?" I asked. "Yeah, what's up babe?" he asked. "Is it okay that I sit next to Niall on the next ride?" I asked. "Um, yeah sure, why? Did I do something wrong?" He sounded a bit confused. "No, you didn't do anything! Niall just asked that I wanted to sit next to him. That's all!" I said. "Oh, okay." He looked disappointed. I walked back to Niall and we slowly walked to next rollercoaster.

Louis POV:

Harry told me this hilarious joke. I was laughing so hard and then Jess came up behind me. "Louis?" Sheasked. "Yeah, what's up babe?" I asked her. Why did I say it like a total prik?. "Is it okay that I sit next to Niall on the next ride?" She asked. What? I shouldn't have hold her hand like that and tryed to kiss her earlier! I'm so stupid! "Um, yeah sure, why? Did I do something wrong?" I wanted to know for sure that I didn't do anything wrong. "No, you didn't do anything! Niall just asked that I wanted to sit next to him. That's all!" She said. Oh yeah, Niall, that explaines a lot! "Oh, okay." I just said. What else should I say? 'No, Jess! I want you to sit next to me! I only now you for 2 hours but I think I love you!' No that would be stupid! I looked at her when she walked back to Niall and then to next rollercoaster.

Emma POV:

When we got into the first rollercoaster I was a little scared! I hate it when we go down with a high speed! I made my tummy feel weird! I took a seat and pretended like I was super excited but I wasn't. Liam let me in first. When the ride started I closed my eyes, let this be over soon! Liam saw that I was tensed up. I felt his hand on my sholder. I looked at Liam and saw him giving me a warming smile. I immediately felt a little better. "You're alright?" He asked. "Yeah, I am now." Omg did I really said that? Jep I did, kill me now! He chuckled. "Well, I'm glad I make you feel comfi." His smile grew even bigger, so did mine. The red light became green. There we go! When we were at the top Liam putted his hand on mine and I started blushing. "Chill!" He said and I nodded. 2 seconds later we went down! I screamed as hard as I could and I think Liam was scared too because he squezed my hand. I started laughing and he did too. All our fears were gone. When the ride was over. Harry and Niall screamed: "One more rideee!!!!" Liam had let go off my hand because he tought it was over. Then we started again and Liam took my hand again and the whole rid repeated itself. When the ride came to an end Liam helped me out like a real gentleman! I was so happy. Up to the next ride, if they all were gonna be like this I wouldn't mind if this day would less forever.


The day past by and everybody had a lot fun. Jess switched a few time from Niall to Louis. Emma and Liam talked and laughed a lot, they are real good friends and secretly they both wished that they would keep in touch. Harry tried to get Emma's attantion and got it sometimes. Niall and Jess eated something together while Louis an Harry went in the first rollercoaster again. Zayn and Perrie went in to the Loveboats and came out really happy. 

After a really cool day the girls needed to go home.

Jess POV:

When we got out off the park I felt a little sad that this day was over. I just knew we were never gonna see them again. I got in the van and drove home. First we stopped at Perrie's place to drop her off then we drove to the final stop, my appartment. 

When we were there everybody got out. Zayn came up to me and gave me a hug: "Thanks to invite Perrie and call us you've got Louis number right?" I returned the hug and said: "Yeah I got it." Then Harry give me a hug to. "See you later babe. He winked at me and then walked to Emma. Then Liam came and also hugged me. "Nice to meet you, Jess!" He said. "Nice to meet you Liam!" I said back. Then it was Niall's turn he went for the simple hug with warm smile. "This day was wonderfull, Jess. It wouldn't be the same without you.... And Emma of course." He said while blushing. I chuckled. "Yeah, It was! Bye Niall!" He gave me another hug, "Bye Jess". Finally Louis came to me. He locked eyes with me and gave me a hug, it wasn't a normal hug, not like the others it was tighter and it lasted longer. I smile creeped on my face. When he let go he planted a kiss on my cheeck. "Call me later please!" He asked. "Yeah, bye Louis! Thanks for everything!" I said. "No problem sweetheart! Byee!" He waved at me and stepped inside the van just like the others. 

We turned around and started walking to the entrance. In the elevator Emma and I freaked out about how amazing this day was! When we were in the appartment we went straight to our room and fell asleep. 

This really was an amazing day!

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