When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


9. Chapter 7


Jess POV:

Liam and Emma were holding hands, it was so cute!

Louis walked infront of me and tried to get the drink off of him but it wasn't working. "Hey, Louis? What if we go to my place and wash your T-shirt and pants?" I suggested. "Yeah, if that's OK with you?" He asked. "Um, I suggested it so of course it's Ok with me!" I said, I think I finally started to feel comfi with these guys. Louis chuckled and told the driver to drive to our house.

When we got to our place, all the boys got out the car and followed me. We all got in the elevator and stood close to each other! A little to close because I felt a hand on my bum! I couldn't turn around to see who it was, that's how close we were!  

After 20 second we got to our loft and I entered first. Emma went straight to the kitchen, Niall and Liam followed her. Harry went to the living room together with Perrie and Zayn. Louis followed me to my room.  

The coffee was all over him and I suggested he took a shower.  

I handed him some towels and showed him how the shower worked. "So put your clothes on the bed, I will wash them and I'll give you a T-shirt that's way to big on me. " i said, he doesn't need to know it's the shirt of my ex-boyfriend, for some reason I never gave that sweater back. "Okay" he said while laughing.  

I turned around to walk away but Louis took my hand and spun me around. "Thank you Jess!" He said and give me a kiss on my cheeck. I couldn't control the redness on my face. It made Louis blush too! "You're welcome, Lou!" I managed to get out.  

I flashed him a smile and then walked out my room into the living room and sitting down next to Harry.  

Everybody was now in the living room watching Tv.  

After I was sure Louis was in the shower I stood up and walked to my room again and saw Louis's clothes.  

I took the clothes but suddenly heard Louis scream Aawtch, "Louis? Are you Okay?" I screamed! "Yeah, I fell and my feet hurts! I'll just sit here for a second!" He screamed back. "You sure you don't need help? I can get Harry if you don't want me to get in?" I really don't know what to do! "No Jess! I'm naked here! Can you just, Um, come in here and give me the towels? They're on the toilet!" Oh no! I was not going in there! But I have, he's in pain! "Uum, okay, I'll close my eyes!" I yelled. "Don't be ridiculous Jess! The shower curtains are closed! You can't see me!" Okay let's do it! "Okay! I'm coming in now!" I just looked at the floor and took the towels. "Here, Put the towels around you and I'll help you out!" I said. "Okay, I'm covered." I doubted but the opened the curtain. He used the towel to cover up his private parts. I chuckled. "What are you laughing at?" He asked. "Nothing, just give me you hands, I'll get you up." I said. He did what I said and give me his hands I wanted to pull but realize he just pulled me more in the shower. "Louis! This isn't working!" I screamed, then I fell on Louis! "Omg! Sorry Louis! Are you OK? I'm so sorry!" I hit the crane with my feet by accident and the shower started spraying again. I screamed and Louis laughed. "Omgoood! Louis! Aaaaah!" I started to push my self up but Louis pulled me back. "Aah, come on babe! You're already wet now. Have a little fun once in a while! Come on! It's your birthday!" He said. "My birthday has nothing to do with having fun!" I said a little stubborn. "Sorry, miss No Fun!" I pushed myself off of him and I got a little offended! "What do you mean by that?" I asked. "Nothing! Just I mean that...You...don't seems to have a...lot of Fun! You're just so serious! I bet you're always busy with homework and weekendwork and just work!" Was he really saying that to me? "What! I'm not ALWAYS busy or serious! You know me for 1 hour! You don't know anything about me!" With that I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen.and took a drink out of the fridge.  

Why was he saying this to me? Ugh I was so mad! He doesn't know me!  

What am I doing? Fighting Louis Tomlinson? Really Jess?  

I went back to my room because forgot my phone their. When I opened the door Louis was putting on the shirt I gave him, I could just take a mental picture of his perfect six-pack.  

I wanted to touch that body but weird enough I could control myself! I putted my best mad look on! 

"Hey Jess, I'm sorry! I should've said that! You're right, I only know you for an hour and I was judging you! Can you please forgive me? I don't want you to be mad at me! Please, please, pleaaaase?" How can I stay mad at those little puppy eyes! "Stop with the cute eyes! I'll forgive you if...!" I said. "If what I'll do anything!" Ow this was gonna be fun! "There is a shop next to the building and I could like an Ice cream!" I wasn't ready yet..."I want you to get me one in your underwear!" Jep, now im done! "What?! But the paps! And the people?" He nagged, while trying the puppy eyes on me again! "Who said I couldn't have fun! Now take the shirt off and start running I'm hungry! And you already used the puppy eyes!" I commanded. "But Jeeeess!" He whined. "No buts! Go!" I said as he started to walk infront of me, this time I couldn't coltrol myself and smacked his big bum! He looked behind him with a cheecky smile on his face and I winked at him! When we entered the living room I took my purse, took some money and gave it to Louis. "9th floor, Boo. Don't forget and oh yeah Choclate please!" I pushed him out off the appartment and closed the door, When I turned around everyone was looking at me. I just simply said: "He told me I'm to serious and I couldn't have fun! I was mad, he said he was sorry and would do anything so I let him go get me some ice cream in his undies! Payback is sweet!" 

Everybody laughed and we all waited for Lou to come back while watching TV

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