When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


8. Chapter 6


Niall POV:

I was sitting next to Jess. She was looking amazing, she looked scared so I took her hand and whispered: "Don't be afraid sweetheart Nialler is here for you!" It sounded cute in my head I hope she tought the same! Louis sat next to her and heard me I guess because he putted his hand on her leg, right above her knee.  

Why do I feel so good when this girl is around me, she has a good aura I think, from the moment she opened her mouth to speak in that classroom I was sold! She made my little Irish heart skip a beat! I guess I wasn't the only one cause Louis haven't left her side yet! I looked around to see London, nothing new I've been here so many times and this was already normal to me. I stroke her hand with my thumb. We just sat there for a few minutes and then her phone rang. She let go of my hand and stood up. Before she could go I saw the caller ID it was Luke, the same guy that sended her a text earlier in the car! I so hope she doesn't have a boyfriend!  

I heard say he was so sweet and it made me jealous! Then she called Emma who sat awkwardly next to Liam. Emma walked over to where Jess was and suddenly I heard Luke (on speaker), another girl in the phone, probably standing next to that Luke guy, and Emma singing Happy Birthday to Jess!  

Was it her birthday? Why didn't she tell? If I knew I bought her a present, okay maybe I didn't but what should do now?  

Emma gave her a present, first they laughed but then Jess started crying and hugged Emma tightly! I wanted to go there and hug her too but someone beat me! Guess who? Yeah, Louis Tomlinson! He spoke to her and then laughed a little! This made me so frustrated! I stood up with my drink in my hand and walked to Emma. I think Jess saw me standing up but quickly focused back to what Louis was saying! I saw her chuckling and then my heart dropped! Louis leaned in to kiss her! I didn't know what I was doing and before I knew it the drink in my hand was all over Louis! Oh god! What did I do? Louis jumped backwards and started yelling at me! All the others already stood around us!  

I looked for Jess who had already took the phone from Emma and was talking to Luke again! This must be really awkward for her! I'm such a dipshit! Couldn't I just be normal and talked about it with Louis?

Louis POV:

I was so close to kissing Jess, I mean not that I was already so in love with her! I just wanted to give her the best birthday ever! So I leaned in but before I could even feel her breath I felt a cold liquid smash on my body! What the...!? I looked around to see who did it! Ow found him! Niall was standing there with his starbucks cup in his hands! He was staring at me with a shocked look on his face! Why in the world would he be trowing his coffee all over me? Was he going mad?  

I wanted to apologize to Jess but she was already on the phone with Luke!  

Harry was dipping the coffee of my shirt with a tissue. After a while Niall finally spoke!: "Oh my god! Louis, I didn't know what I was doing! I'm really sorry! Really! You've got to believe me it was an accident! Sorry!" He said in one breath. I gave him a glare but said it was fine! He's one of my best mates and you can't be mad at an Irish boy!

Jess POV:

Why did Niall trow that coffee over Louis? Was he jealous? I didn't want to stand there so I walked to Emma who was starring at the scene between Niall and Louis but still had my phone in her hands. I took the phone and saw she was still calling Luke, "Hello, Luke? You're still here?" I asked. "Jess? Hey what's going on there? I hear a lot of screaming! Everything Ok?" He asked. "Well, thanks to you guys the boys knew it was my b-day and Louis came up to me and tryed to kiss me but Niall trew coffee over him and now it's really awkward!" "What? He tryed to kiss you? He barely knows you! What a prik!" He looked (not that I could see him, but I could imagine) mad! "Luke chill! Nothinh happen and nothing will! I need to go were almost back on the ground!" I said. "What? Where are you?" He asked. "In the eye of London! Awesome right! But i gotta go! Talk to you later!" I said very proud! Yes, I'm proud to be here :)! "Okay bye!" With that I ended the phonecall. I took a seat next to Zayn who was the only one who wasn't standing in the cirkel of weirdness! "Why aren't you there?" I asked him, even Perrie was there! These two hadn't left eachother alone for 2 seconds! "I knew nobody will tell me what happend if I'm standing there so what's the point of wasting my energie?" I chuckled. "Well, if you wanna know Louis wanted to give me a birthday kiss, on my mounth but Niall didn't thinks the same and trew his cup over Louis!" "Wow, like a tought someone would tell me if I stayed here and now you did! And ow yeah, Happy Birthdaaaay!" He said while doing jazzhands! He gave me 3 kisses and then a little hug!

Liam POV:

I wanted to know what was going on there! Why did these boys need to be drama queens? Emma Stood with Jess's phone in her hand. Suddenly Jess took the phone and started talking to the other side of the line. Then she took a seat next to Zayn and talked to him. Emma was watching Niall telling Louis how sorry he was. I tought it was my turn to do something with Emma, infact I saw what Harry did when we got out of the van! I don't want him to be all flirty with her! She's a sweet girl and she deserves a boy who really cares about her, like me!  

I stood behind her and putted my hands on her eyes! I felt her shock between me! "Who is this?" She asked. "Quess!" I told her. "Um, Liiiam? She quessed correct! "Jep!" I let my hands fall from her eyes, took one of her hands and spun her around to face me. We were really close and I didn't even realize until now! I flashed her a smile and she did too. unfortunately just then the ride was over and we all went outside. But on the bright side, Emma's hand stayed locked with mine.

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