When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


6. chapter 4


Jess POV:

 I woke up by the most annoying sound on the earth, my alarm! Even tough it was a One Direction song, I hated it! on the bright side, if I survive this day I'll meet 1D! I hit the snooze button and closed my eyes for five more minutes. 
5 minutes later, by suprise, the alarm went of again! This time I unlocked the screen and looked at my mentions on Twitter, nothing special just a few followers more. I slowly crawled out of my bed and went to my bathroom to get ready, I took a quick shower and took some clothes out of my closet. I wore a grey union jack tank top with over it a white studded waistcoat, a grey jeans, some black (super cool) pumps and a black purse and a white beanie (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=68351613&.locale=nl). 
After I was content with myself I went to Emma's room. She was already dressing herself. I looked at what she was wearing also a grey sweater with 3 sheeps on it, I remembered that I bought it for her because she loves sheeps. She also was wearing a light brown jeans, a grey beanie and a grey pair of sneakers. She was also wearing a brown leather purse that my mum bought her for New year last year. (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/emma/set?id=68849912). 
I took my keys and drove to the nearest Starbucks. Their we had a coffee and then we left to our new school. 
When we arrived everybody was watching us because we were new and let's say a little outstanding. I guess because they knew we were new and from America and our clothes are not like the others. I tought we finally would blend in somewhere, oh well i think we're used to it. We went to the Principal's office and she gave us our schedule and led us to our first class. English, oh yes. This was my favourite class back in America. I hope thes British people didn't make it borning. 
The Principal dropped us of and left us standing for the class door because she had other new students to introduce. Me and Emma looked at each other and  I said: "You go first! Veto!" "Oh nonono gurly, you used Veto last week at the airport!" Damn it, I didn't dare to ask the weird looking man to move out of my way, I mean he looked like he was going to rape me! "But...Okay fine!" I saw her doing a little victory dance. 
I knocked on the door, waited 5 seconds and entered the classroom. Everybody was looking at me, nerves start going to me and my cheeks went red. I hate being in the center of attention. The teacher walked over to me and shook my hand. Then she spoke for the first time: "Class, Here are the new students. Hey, why don't you guys introduce yourselves?" I stayed quiet but I saw Emma took a step forward and opened her mouth to speak. "Hello, I'm Emma Peazer and this is my best friend and also sister Jessica Calder but everyone calls her Jess. We're 18 years old and come from America. We live alone in a loft here in London. That's all I guess, Jess you want to say something more?" All I could do was shake my head. The teacher noticed me being all shy and wanted my to hear my voice. "Jess, do you have any special, hidden talents?" Why was she asking that? I guess I should reply. "Um, I sing a little sometime and I'm good, I think." That was a ridiculous answer! As soon as I was done talking I heard Emma almost shout: "Good? More like awesome! Remember when we had a little band and went singing at the entrance of the mall?" Please stop talking Emma! What if they ask me to sing? I don't have the guts to do it! "Oh yeah, but that's a long time ago." She looked weird a me and then the teacher told us where to sit. Unfortunately we couln't sit next to each other. Emma sat next to a pretty girl who looked like Miley Cyrus, I don't know. I guess it's the blond hair. I sat down and looked who I was about to spend the rest of the year with. I already noticed it was a boy. Please don't be a nerd, Please be a Little cute! I looked next to me and saw he was already looking at me with a smile on his face. Why was he smiling? "Hello, love. I'm Luke. Nice to meet you." He offered me his hand to shake and I did while answered: "Hello, I'm Jess. Also nice to meet you. Now I have at least one friend here." I said smiling. Wow that came out smooth. I don't why but he made me feel comfortable. I took my books and just putted them on my desk and stared at them I really didn't know what page or even what book. I saw Luke chuckle and he took my Handbook and opened it on page 10. "Thanks" I said quiet cause the teacher already started the lesson. "Anytime for you." He said and smirked. That's odd, did he really just said that and smirked?
After a few hours with every time the stupid introducing part, we made it to lunch!  Of course everybody already had a place. It's now only a matter of time until a group let's us sit with them. 
Me and Emma are just standing there with a plate in our hands. Suddenly I heard Luke shout my name from behind me. "Heye Jess, come sit with us!" The same moment Emma's friend from English asked her the same question. She went with them and gave me a  panicked look. Never since the first day we met we sat separated for lunch! Luke waved at me to get me out of my toughts. "Are you coming?" He asked super sweet while turning around. "Um, Yeah." I followed him to his table and sat next to him. I kept on thinking about Emma. What kind of impact has this city on us? Is this the end of our friendship? Is this gonna be some kind of test? I shook my head and focused on the jokes Luke and his friends were telling. Hey this isn't so bad yet. I found myself laughing with them a lot. 
The day went by quick and before I knew it we were at our last period from the day! Yay! I sat next to Luke again and the last 5 minutes he spoke again. "Heye Jess, wanna hang out after school?" Oh my, was he asking me out? "Um, I really want to but me and Emma are going shopping because we have--" I tought for second, If I tell him about the M&G he probably won't believe me. Before I could end my sentence he said: "Well, we can I come? I mean if that's OK for Emma?" He's so sweet! "Yeah, of course! I'm sure she fine with it, I'll tell her to bring her friend, Um Megan, I think. Meet us at the H&M store at 5 o'clock I need to go home first." I said. He nodded and start packing his stuff. "Yeah OK, I'll wait for you there." Then the bell rang and we I asked Emma and Megan if we  could go to the mall with Luke. She said Yes and asked her new friend Megan, she wanted to come to. I tought it would be cool if I could meet my best friend's her new friend. I think I'm a litlle jealous. 
Me and Em went home and I called the radio station because I didn't know anything about the M&G. They told me that I they would pick us up at school. That's all I needed to know. 

We went to the mall and I don't know why but a smile appeared on my face when I saw Luke. This was so weird. Emma has told me she found Luke hot we laughed together when we started thinking about things that could happen. 
Luke approached me and gave me a hug. Emma chuckled when she saw it and I just smiled and hugged him back after 5 seconds we broke the hug and went shopping I saw Emma whispered something to Luke and Megan. What was she saying? I hate it when people gossip! I know Emma would never gossip about me and visa verse but why was she being mysterious? Ooooh that's right! It's my real 18th birthday tomorrow. I'm gonna play a long.  Suddenly they asked me to go to the book store and pick up a book, I did but I saw them going inside a gift store. Oh yes presents! Yay! Even Luke is gonna buy me something? He knows me for 1 day! When we left the mall it was 6 o'clock and we all said goodbye. Luke gave me his number. Me and Emma went home and start preparing ourselves for tomorrow. 

The next day I woke up again, I didn't even press snooze because I couldn't wait until this day started. I took my outfit that I bought for today. It was a greenish Tanktop and a white jeans. I wanted my shoes to match my top and that's why I took my greenish boots and a whit with gold purse. (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/jess/set?id=68903222). I was happy.
Emma was wearing also a white pants, a purple Tank top with a bow and matching shoes, also a beige purse. (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/emma/set?id=68808184).

We went to school and when the second period was started we heard a knock on the door, the teacher opened it and 5 very familiar guys came in our classroom... 


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