When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


4. Chapter 2


Jess POV: 

As soon as I got home I went to Emmas room and saw she was STIL sleeping, not for long I tought. She saw me standing there and took the pillow next to her and putted it on her head, like she knew something was about to happen. I figured that I should be cool and tell her like it's nothing. So first I needed to drag her out off her bed. This was not gonna be easy! 
IDEA: Just put the lights on! So I did and she just turned around and said something in the pillow so I coudn't here. hmm aha next idea, I went to my room and took my guitar, went back with my amplifier and plugged it in. I started playing some song of One Direction and sang along! I was singing for 10 second when she hit me with the pillow. "Aauwtch, Hurtfull!" I said in an annoying, nagging voice. "You deserved it!" Emma said in her morning voice. "Well youd don't need to be so mean! I had enough for today!" I rolled my eyes while I tought back to earlier today. "What do you mean?" She got up but sitted at the end of the bed, waiting for my answer. "I'll tell you if you come to the kitchen and get dressed! It's the last day of our vacation and you're still in your bed! I've been shopping and almost got into a fight, bought the most amazing shoes and got the best call of my life!" "Yes mum! Wait, from who was the call?" "Follow meeee!" I said while skipping out of the room.

Emma Pov:

Ugh Jess can be soo annoying! Like I don't know it's the last day of vacation! She really needs to rub it in my face?! Sometimes I can kill that girl! She was in my  room to wake me up at 9 o'clock in the morning! She really thinks I'm gonna wake up that early! I went to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, combed my hair and shuffeld to my closet. I chose my outfit for today. A black tank top with a golden studded cross on it, a normal light bleu jeans and my Vans. I also decided to if I go out today I would wear my new vest. (Here is Emma's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/emma_outfit/set?id=68423404). I went to the Kitchen where I saw Jess eating some cereal. I sat next to her and she pointed at the shoebox at the counter. "Laboutin shoes really? You haven't got enough shoes already?" Ugh this girl has more shoes then a SHOEshop! "But these screamed my name and I had to have them! I even almost fought for them!" "What do you mean, almost?" "Yes, I was cut off bye a really intresting phonecall..." She said this and a huge smile appeard on her face. Hmm what's going on here? Why is she mysterious? "Can you tell me the whole story in one time instead of these million pieces!" "Fine! I'll tell you! Gosh somebody slept on the wrong side of the bed tonight!" I just rolled my eyes and let her continue....... She told me a story about a woman in the store and she sticking up for herself and stuff. "So I was just about to go on with my outburst when my phone rang, it was an unknow number and I answered it and it was the radio station who said I won the competition." I tought a minute and realized what she said! She won the M&G and she says it like it's the most normal thing in the world? What? Why? "Wait, What? We won? Are you kidding? Why do you stay so serious? Hellooo, Say something please !!! This is not the time to ignore me!! Come on Jess!?" I saw her chuckling and then she stood up and said "Yeah we won, who had ever tought that? Me, Jessica Calder finally won something in her life! WOW! " "OMG, why didn't you text me or just stormed in my room 10 minutes ago and tell me?! Why aren't you freaking out?" "Oh I am! but I did the most already like an hour ago while you wear, Um let me think, Oh yeah sleeping!" "Oh wanna go that way! It's the freaking last day of the vacation I have the right to sleep until I want to wake up!!!" She alway is bossing me around but without her I would be late everytime and everywhere. I needed her sometimes!
After I freaked out we sat in the couch and watched some TV, there was nothing on so I watched Toy Story. Jess and I watched this movie already a 100 times and she was already tired of seeing it.  After 20 minutes she was done watching and started her laptop. I was watching the tirth movie already for 10 minutes when Jess suddenly stood up and walked to her purse, and took her keys. "Where are you going?" I asked while looking at my phone to see the time and quickly realized it was already 5:30 and facepalmed myself. I think she saw it because she said: "Yeah found out yourself didn't you? You coming with me or gonna wait here until Toy Story 4 comes out?" She cuckeld and went to the fridge to grab a can of cola. I sat up and took my jacket while walking behind her to her car. 

Jess POV:

After a 10 minutes drive we finally arrived at the radio station. I was so exited! Emma has been telling me all these funny moments from Toy Story, I laughed but I already knew them. I parked my car 5 minutes from it and we walked to the reception, As soon as I told her who I was and they checked my pass to check if I was really Jess Calder and by surprise I was! A nice blond tall woman led us upstairs to the studio. Emma needed to stay behind the glass while I could go inside and do a little interview, I don't really know why, I tought I just needed to grab the tickets take a photo and leave. I sat in a chair and the presentator ended the song. Then he said: "Good evening people, we have some guest here with us right now. Remember the contest this morning well we have the lucky winner here with us. Hello Jess how are you?" "Hello, I'm fine, thank you." I was really nervous, that was all I could say. "Were you surprised we called you?" Did he really just asked that? "Yeah, who wouldn't be?" Please Jess leave out the sarcastic. "Hahaha yes, you were the first one who texted, you were 5 seconds before everybody else! That pretty fast, you know?" It's like he's saying I cheated. "Wow, I didn't know that, well you started to ask the question and this is one of the most questioned questions so when you said 'who wrote...' I knew it." I explained. I feel like they attacking me! I just want these tickets and leave!"That's interesting, Well Jess. Here are your tickets. Who are you taking with you?" Oh Yes! I really tought they were gonna call the police and arrest me! Thank God! "OMG, thank you soo much! Um, I'm taking my best friend and sephsister, Emma, she's over there." I pointed at her while she made some weird signs telling me not to tell them more about her. The presentator ended the interview and putted a One Direction song on and gave me the tickets. Then we left and got to bed because yay school was starting tomorrow. 


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