When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


19. Chapter 17

Liam POV:

After Jess walked in on us we watched Toy Story 3 and it was about 11 o'clock. I needed to go home because we had an interview in the morning but I didn't want to leave Emma. She yawned and put her head on my shoulder. I couln't go now! She was being too cute! "Emma?" I asked quiet. "Hmmmm" She hummed. I chuckled. I rested my head on hers and closed my eyes. I tried to fight the sleep but I couldn't. Seconds later I fell asleep. 

I woke up because I heard some noise in another room. It sounded like someone was singing. I looked for Emma and found her on my lap. I stretched my arm. Should I wake her up? Nah. Jess came out of her room. "Goodmorning." She whispered. "Hello." I said. "Liam, don't wake her up!" She whispered again. I looked confused but decided to follow her advice. She knew Emma longer than me. 

5 minutes later Emma's alarm started jamming 'One Way Or Another'. Hmm, where have I heard this song before. I started to sing along. Emma sat up and smiled at me. Then she kissed me. "Wanna have breakfast?" She asked. "Yeah, I'll make something." I said. "Okay, I'll gonna get dressed." She said. I smiled at her and give her a peck on the lips. 

I got in the kitchen where Jess was. "You eat cereal everyday?" I asked her. "Yeah, I have no idea how to cook!" She said. "It's not so hard." I said. "I've never tried." She confessed. "Once in a while you should open a cookbook. You can learn a lot from it!" I joked. "Yeah, I probably should." We both chuckled. I made some eggs and bacon. That's everything there was in the fridge. 

Emma came back in wearing this lovely outfit. A dark bleu skinny jeans and a 'dope' sweater. probably a T-shirt underneath. She had some Bordeaux vans and a black and white backpack. She also had a beanie. (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/school/set?id=73415488)

"Hmm, smells good." She said. "I did my best." I said. I turned back to my bacon and felt some arm wrap around my waist and a head on my shoulder. I knew it wasn't Jess so I kissed Emma on the cheek. She let go and sat next to Jess. 

They both ate my breakfast and loved it! I looked at the time and saw that it was time for me to leave now. "I'm sorry Emma but I need to go. We have an interview today." I said. "Yeah fine." She said. I started to gather my things and heading for the door. "Liam! Come back!" She yelled. I did. "What's wrong?" I asked her? She parted her lips for me to kiss. "Oh, I'm sorry!' I said kissing her. She smiled. "Can I just talk to you in the hallway?" I asked her. "Sure!" She said jumping of her chair. 
"Um, You know I had a really fun time last night. But I'm sorry about the whole Jess walking in on us thing. I really didn't want you to rush into things. It kinda just happened." I explained. "Liam, it's fine." She said. "Okay, I know but I just wanted to know for sure." I said. Emma got on her toes and kissed me again. 

Louis POV:

I heard my alarm go and I couln't find my phone. These ringtone on iPhone are so annoying! Who makes those? I got up and went to kitchen. I saw Niall sitting there already eating. I hated that he lied to me about the kiss. "Goodmorning, Lou!" He said. "Goodmorning." I said as I took a cereal bowl. "Niall, can you at least tell me about the kiss because I haven't got the chance to experience it." I asked him. I saw his eyes grew bigger as he looked for an answer. "Um, it was nice...soft, gentle. Um." He stumbled. "Really? Was there a lot of tongue involved?" I asked. "Um, no." He said. "Where did she placed her hands?" I asked. "Dude! Why do you want to know?" He asked. "Oh, I just wanna know how she kisses for when she kisses me on our shopping date this afternoon!" I spat. "Why would she kiss you! I kissed her first so you need to back off!" He spat back. "Did you really kiss her Niall? Really?" I asked. "Of course!" He said. "Well she doesn't seems to remember it then!" I yelled because he lied to me! "What do you mean?" He asked/yelled. "Why are you lying to me about that kiss?" I asked. "I'm not!" He said. "Damn Niall! Stop lying in my face!" I yelled. 

Then Harry walked in. "Hey, why are you yelling it's fucking 8 o'clock! I have still a half an hour to sleep and I need it! So shut the hell up!" He yelled. He isn't a morning person! Nobody I know really is only Jess, when she woke up she quickly sat up and started doing things. I looked back at Niall. He was just eating. I didn't want to stay here with him so I took my cereal bowl and went back in my room. 


"Goodmorning everybody, I'm your host today and we have a lovely show for you today! First stop is an interview with the one and only One Direction!" A dude yelled! Was he on drugs or something how can he be so cheery when it's 9 o'clock! The boys and I all walked on stage and the fans started to cheer. Poor girls, they woke up so early just to see us here answering some questions. We're not even gonna do a singing after the interview. 

Presenter: 'Nice to have you here, boys!'

Zayn: 'Yeah, nice to be here too, a little early tough.'

Presenter: 'Oh well, how are you guys?'

Liam: 'Very good.'

Presenter: 'Good, So a few people from the audience have some questions for you.'

Me: 'That's fun!'

Harry: 'Bring it on!'

Girl 1: 'Harry, Is it true that you're dating Taylor Swift?'

Harry: 'It was just 2 dates or so but she's weird and got obsessed right away so no I'm not dating her.'

Girl 1: 'Aren't you afraid she's going to write a song about you?'

Harry: *Chuckles* 'I don't care, she probably is already writing when she saw that I walked in.' *Wink*

*Everybody laughs*

Girl 2: 'Does any of you have girlfriends or dating someone?'

Zayn: 'I'm dating this lovely girl, Perrie.'

Liam: 'Not dating yet.' *wink*

Harry: 'Nope, not me.'

Me: 'No. What about you Niall? You've been kissing girls lately?'

Niall: 'Why do you care?' 

Me: 'Just wondering.' 

Nialll didn't even answer the question.

Girl 3: 'How is the tour gonna look like?'

Me: 'It's gonna be huge! I can't wait!'


Presenter: 'That was it for today! See you tomorrow, same time, same place!'

The interview was over and we drove home it was 12 o'clock so Jess was done with school. 

Me: 'How was school? X'

Jess: 'Boring as usual! How was the interview? X'

Me: A lot of questions, a weird presenter, the usual. X'

Jess: 'Haha, I'm gonna get ready see you later! X'

I ate something and watched some TV to waist my time. When it was finally 10 to 1 I left. There was nobody home so I didn't need to tell anyone I was gone. 

I arrived at Jess's apartment and she was already standing outside. She was wearing a black dress with a denim jacket over it and some really high heels. I don't know how she's gonna survive on those but I can always carry her. As purse she had a channel bag. Is she rich? (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=68480738&.locale=nl). She got in my car and gave me a kiss on the cheeck. 
"Hi Lou." She said. "Hey Jessica." I said. "Dude! Jess! Not Jessica!" She said. I chuckled. "It's a cool name!" I said in defence. "No! It's lame!" She said. "Fine!" I said as we drove of to the mall. 

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