When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


16. Chapter 14


Jess POV:

I woke up because my alarm was going off. I sighed and tried to find my phone. Oh it's was on the table. That's so far! I opened my eyes and looked where I was. Okay, what am I doing in the living room? Then memories from last night came floating back. Now it was clear, I fell asleep when we were watching a movie with Harry and Louis. I stood up and got my phone. "Hey, why are you up so early?" A sleepy voice asked me. "Goodmorning Lou, I need to go to school." I told him as I smiled. "Oh that's true. Shouldn't you wake up Emma?" He asked. "Oh No! I'm not gonna risk my own life! She wakes up when her alarm goes off. If you wake her up before the alarm, you're dead!" I made him clear. "Good to know. Are you like that?" He asked. "Not always. I'm gonna get ready see you in 10 minutes." I said. He turned the TV on and as I walked in my room I heard Emma's alarm.

I took a quick shower and went to my closet. I picked out a tank top with skulls on it, a dark red pants, a black blazer and some black combat boots. I grabbed my black spiked purse. I loved that purse. I decided to let my hair loose.

I got back in the living room. "Who wants breakfast?" I asked. Louis and Harry both said me. "Good, well, um, I don't have no idea how to make a British breakfast or cook at all, so one of you needs to help me." I said. "Harry is the best cook." Louis said as he turned his attention back to the Tv. Harry stood up and walked over to me. "Okay, lesson one, wash your hands and show me your fridge." He said. I washed my hands so did he. I was drying my hands when he splashed some waterdrups on my face. I gasped. "What was that for?" I asked. He just chuckled and walked to the fridge. I took some water that was on the table, from yesterday and when he turned around I splashed it on his face. He gasped too, "Didn't expect that huh?" I said with a smirk on my face, I placed my hands on my hips and leaned against the counter. "Not really" He said, but a smirk sneaked on his face as his hands stayed behind his back.

"What's in your hand?" I asked a little scared. I looked behind me but I couln't get out. He blocked my exit. "Just two bottles of um, whipped cream." He said, his smirk grew even bigger. "What are you gonna do with them?" I knew what he was gonna do and it didn't look so good for me. "What do you think?" He asked. I hated that that stupid but adorable smirk stayed on his face. "You know, maybe we can talk about this. I need to go to school and--" He cut me off by spraying the whipped cream on my face. "Time for talking is over." He said. I whiped the cream of my face. "Omg! Uh, look Emma! Naked!" I pointed at her door. He looked and I hit one of the bottles out of his hands, picked it up and sprayed in his face. That all in no time! "Boys are so easy!" I yelled as I ran past him because he was to busy getting the cream out of his hair and off his face. "So long, sucker!" I said but my victory didn't last long because he was much quicker than me and he had his best friend there too. Louis jumped infront of me and grabbed my waist. "Please Louis! Let me go!" I asked. "Sorry love, no can do." He whispered in my ear and turned me around to face Harry. From this point I could only do one thing. "EMMAAAAA!!!!! Waterguuuuun!!!!" I yelled. Since we were little we would always have a water gun right next to our bed. Just in case if someone would break in or when we needed to start a war. "What? Water gun? Emma won't save you, Jess. It's time to face your destiny!" Harry said dramatic. I rolled my eyes. I knew it wouldn't take long before she would come.

Then she stormed out of her bedroom into the living WITH her watergun! Oh yes! Praise the Lord! She sprayed in Harry's face, He tried to stop the jets coming out of the gun and dropped the whipped cream. "Let the girl go, Tomlinson!" She screamed as she pointed the at Louis. He trew his hand in the air. "Don't shoot! Here you can have her." He let me go, I jumped to the ground and took the cream bottles and I ran into my room getting my water gun, this wasn't over yet! Never mess with Emma and Jess!

Harry POV:

I was getting the water out of my eyes from Emma's attack. "Let the girl go, Tomlinson!" Emma said. "Don't shoot! Here you can have her!" Louis said. What a pussy! I think he let her go and she ran away with the bottles creams. About 10 seconds later she came back in the living room and suddenly Louis screamed. I opened my eyes to see what happened and Louis was on the floor. The girls were spraying him and he was already soaked. "Hey girls?" I asked. They turned around but kept their guns in the air pointed at us. "When does school starts?" I asked. "Omg! I totally forgot! *Jess looks at her phone* We only got 10 minutes! Can you drive us pleeeaasee." She looked at me and then at Louis and did those cute puppy eyes. "You should've thought before you started spraying us!" I said "You started!" Jess almost screamed. "Louiiis pleaseee!" She asked him. "Of course Jess!" That whip!

Louis POV:

Jess looked really desperate, so I said yes. I knew what Harry was thinking, I could see it in his stare.

The girls got in the car and we dropped them off at school, surprising enough we were still in time.

They got out and waved us goodbye. "I'll text you!" I said to Jess. She smiled. Then a boy came up behind her covering her eyes with his hands. Who is he? What's he doing to my girl? What?

"Who is this?" Jess said. "You've forgotten me already?" The mysterious guy said. "Luke!" She said and turned around to hug him. Okay now I now one thing, mister good looking guy is called Luke!

"Guess who has a birthday present for you?" He asked, clearly him. Dumb mofo! "Youuu!" She said poking his tummy. C'mon Jess! Why are you all flirty with this guy?

"Of course me!" He said as he handed her a little box. She opened it. "Omgoood, it's so pretty! You really didn't have to do this!" She said while taking a necklace out of the box. "But I did! Come here I'll put it on!" He said and did what he said. Then she turned back and gave him another hug. Ugh enough with the hugs now!

Harry and Emma were still talking. I didn't really minded them, I just wanted to know what that guy is planning to do with MY Jess! Okay she isn't mine but never mind!

Then I heard something I haven't heard in ages, a schoolbell! Emma gave Harry a hug trough the little window from the car and she walked to class together with a gurl named Megan. When I looked back at Jess she wad already walking away with Luke. I hate his name! It sounds like puke! I chuckled a little. That was stupid but so is Luke!

Harry POV:

I drove back to our apartment, Louis was constant telling me about this Luke guy.

I told him he should get over her but he refused.

I parked the car and we went upstairs. I opened the door and Louis stormed in before me, directly to his room. "Did she kissed you mate?" Niall asked him. "No! Ask Luke" he yelled and slammed the door. "What's with him?" Niall asked. "We dropped Emma and Jess of at school and some guy named Luke hugged her and gave her a birthday present witch she adored and Lou is jealous." I said and suddenly I was pushed against the door by Liam. "What did you do to her? I swear if you--" He screamed to me but I cutt him off. "Dude chill! We just chilled together and then fell asleep when we were watching a movie! That's all i swear!" I explained. "Is that true?" He asked. "Yeah man! Now let me go!" I felt his grip getting looser. "Okay sorry." He said and went back to the kitchen.

Emma POV:

It was lunch time so we all sat on a table, this time megan, me, Luke and Jess sat together. We laughed a lot and I noticed Luke flirted a lot with Jess, once again she didn't notice! Megan and I went to the bathroom while Luke and Jess stayed at our spot.  

"What's with Luke and Jess?" Megan asked. Yes! I wasn't the only one who noticed! "I don't know, I think he likes her." I said. "And what about her?" She asked. "I have no clue!" I said. "C'mon, you're her sister!" She screamed. "Listen, all I know or think is that Louis and Niall like her too but she doesn't know it!" I said. "What happened with the 1D-boys actually?" "Oh, They found us at Nando's and we went carting and then we went to a restaurant where Louis and Niall acted weird and Jess got mad at them and Harry asked me to hang out, Not a date and then the next day Jess ran into Louis, litterly. And then Louis helped her paint the living room but they ended up painting each other and then me and Harry had a rom- a picnic and a deep talk and then we went back home and watched a movie and fell asleep on them." I said almost in one breath.  

"Oh yeah and then we had a whipped cream and water gun fight!" I added. She laughed. "And that's why they dropped you off." She said. I chuckled and nodded. "Louis got super jelly when Luke give her that present!" She said. "I know right! And then he drove off without saying bye!" I said. "Oooh, tensions!" Megan said. We both started laughing and got back to our table.

2 hours later school was over.  

I walked out of the school gate with Jess and Luke. Megan takes the buss so she the other direction. Luke and Jess were laughing a lot, me too but I knew the conversation was mostly between them. "Wow, look at that dude with that awesome car!" Luke said. Me and Jess looked and saw Liam. "Liam!" I yelled and ran over him right into his arm. "Hey sweetheart!" He said kissing my cheek. Jess and Luke came behind me. Liam gave Jess a hug and shook Luke's hand. "Um, who are you actually?" He asked Luke. "Luke Brooks and I suppose you are the world famous Liam Payne." Luke said. Liam chuckled, oh what a cutie. "ooh, you're the Luke person Louis mentioned. And jep that's me!" Liam said. "What did Louis say?" Jess said. "Nothing." Liam said a little too quick. "Liam! What did he say?" She said a little louder. "Nothing really!" He said. Jess decided to drop it. "So Emma do you mind if I take you somewhere?" He said pointing out the I. "No problem to me? Jess do you mind going alone?" I asked. She smiled at me. "Not at all love, give me the keys and Luke, can you drive me to Nando's the car is still there." She said. I tossed her the keys and Luke nodded. Then she gave me and Liam a hug and Luke gave me a hug and Liam a hand. Boys don't do hugging unless they are called One Direction.  

Me and Liam got in the car and drove away.

It was about six o'clock and we haven't stopped yet. "Liam, are you sure we're not lost." I asked him. "No we're almost there." He said.

5 minutes later he parked. The sun was about to go down. I got out the car and so did Liam. I looked around to see where we are. "You like it?" He asked leaning against the hood of his car. "Yeah, it's super pretty!" I said looking around even more. Liam has brought me to a hill where we can look at the sunset. He patted the hood to tell me I shout sit next to him. He took a bottle of champagne and two glasses out of his trunk. He filled the glasses and handed me one. "cheers, to, um, us, maybe?" He asked. "Yeah, sure. Cheers." I said. We talked a lot and watched the beautiful sunset. Liam putted some music on and took my hand. We started to slow dance under the sunsetting all alone!

After a long, but awesome time we decided to go back because it was a 1 and a half hour drive and we wanted to stop for some food.

We stopped at McDonalds and I just grabbed a Hamburger and a soda. Liam took the same. Then it was about 11 o'clock and we drove home. I opened the door and and stayed there Liam stood in front of me. "I had a great time!" I said. "Yeah, me too!" He said. I laughed nervously. "So, um, goodnight" He said. "Yeah, goodnight." I looked at the ground. He gave me a hug and wrapped his arm around my waist. I wrapped my hands around his neck. He slowly pulled away. Leaving a little space between our faces.

I didn't notice how close we were until he leaned in. Then his lips touched mine. At first I was a little shocked but then I gave in and kissed him back. We just stood there for what felt ages kissing. It was probably like 5 minutes but I didn't want it to stop. Suddenly I heard some people giggle behind me. We pulled away and looked behind me. Jess and Luke stood there. Oh god I was so embarrassed right now. Jess saw me glaring at her and she pulled Luke's arm into the living room. I heard some laughter from them but turned my attention back to Liam who blushed a little. He looked in my eyes again. "I better get going." He said awkward. "Yeah." That's all I could say.

He turned around but I took his wrist and turned him back around. He looked at me. I kissed him again. He smiled. "Thanks, bye!" He said. I waved at him as he walked in the elevator and left. I closed the door and leaned against it. Then I saw Jess, I knew she was gonna ruin my little after-kiss moment. "Heeeeey!" She said poking my tummy. And...She ruined it! "Hey, I'm gonna get to sleep. Goodnight!" I said starting to walk forward. "Oh c'mon, aren't you gonna tell us about the kiss?" She asked. "Ow, okay...Liam kissed me. That's it!" I said walking to my bedroom. I closed the door, changed into my pj's and went to bed. 

Liam POV:

When Emma kissed me back was the best moment ever! And when Jess and Luke busted us was quite embarrassing. When I turned around Emma grabbed my wrist and kissed me! I felt so great! I thought things would get awkward now. I felt on the top of the world now! Really nothing could stop me. 
I drove home. I opened the door and went to the living room. I sat next to Louis. "How was it?" He asked. "Nice, yeah, we had a good time." I said but I couldn't help to smile like a little kid. "Oooh, tell me!" He asked, this lad knew me too well! "Okay, we kinda kissed for a while." I said smiling even bigger. "Oh yeah! Liam got some!" Louis screamed! He gave me a high-five and then got to the kitchen. Then Harry jumped up and ran to his room. I kinda forgot that he was there too. Niall followed him. 
I watched some Tv and suddenly got a text from Emma;

Emma: 'I can't sleep, thinking of you :) <333' 

Me: "Aw, wish I was with you x <333'

Emma: 'Wanna hang out after school again? xxxxxx <333'

Me: 'Yeah, I'll pick you up at 5? <3333'

Emma: 'Yeah, that's good for me. See you then! Goodnight <3333'

Me: 'Goodnight babe <3333'

I just scored myself another date! I went to twitter and replied to some people until I fell asleep. 

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