When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


14. Chapter 12

  (A/N: this chapter turned out to be a long one, I hope you like it :p

Sorry for the late update. I haven't got a lot of time :) 

Jess POV:

Louis was at his last lap and I got really excited because I honestly started to want that kiss. He went for the second last turn and Zayn was constantly passing by but then Louis gave some extra gas and he was first again, it was going on like this for a while now. Niall and Liam were also doing the same because none of them wanted to be last. Niall made his way back and drove behind Louis now. I couln't see Niall's face but I think he was angry because he was bumping into Louis. He kinda wanted Louis to lose control and give up. Louis looked behind him and saw that Niall was the one playing dirty. What he did next shocked me. Louis stopped the cart so Niall drove straight into the cart from Louis. Louis got out and Liam passed by both of them. 

Niall got out too. "What's your problem?" Louis yelled. "Just trying to win bro, chill!" Niall said. "No your not! Every since I almost kissed Jess in London you have been trying boycott me! First the coffee and now you heard about our little bet and you freak out! Dude, why?" Louis went on. Niall just looked at the ground. Did he really tried to boycott every move Louis tried to make? I thought the coffee thing was an accident and now he was just playing the game. Who told Niall about the bet anyway? "I'm sorry, mate! I don't know what's wrong with me but can we talk on later?" Niall whispered the last part. "Yeah sure." Louis said as he got back in the cart and drove the last part together with Niall. 

When everybody was finished we all got dressed again. With that I mean take the suits and the helmets back to the dressing room and fix up our hair. We all got out and went back to the van. "Let's go eat somewhere." Liam said. So we drove to a restaurant not far from the boys apartment.

Everybody got out except Louis and Niall. I really wanted to know what they were gonna say. I waited at the door, maybe I could here what they were saying. Then Zayn took my hand. "Oh someone is trying to eavesdrop?" He said. "No, I'm just waiting to them so I can led them to our place." I lied as best as I could. I was a really bad liar. "Yeah right! Come on." He pulled my hand towards our table. "No, Zayn! You don't understand!" He stopped. "Then tell me!" Damn. "Well, I think they are talking about me and I don't like that!" I tried to lie again. Like I care that people talk behind my back! I just wanted to know what Niall would say to Louis. "Missy, You know you are a terrible liar right?" He could see right trough me! "Um, What? Fine, yeah I know!" He chuckled. "I knew it! Now are you gonna tell uncle Zayn?" I sighted. "No, never mind I was eavesdropping." I laughed. "Well, nice try but I caught you." We both laughed and walked further to our table. The others looked weird because Zayn was still holding my hand. 
As soon as he saw it he let go. "Sorry, I forgot." I chuckled and took a seat. 

Niall and Louis were still in the van talking! It's been 10 minutes now! What do they have to say? Gosh I really was getting nervous! I was constantly looking at the window. "You're gonna break your neck if you keep staring like that." Zayn said. "No I'm not! I just wondering why are they taking so long?" I pouted. "I'm sure everything is OK." He said. I feel like Zayn is my big brother. "Thank you, but I'm still not feeling so good. I'm going to the toilet." I said. I just needed to get out of there. "Yeah sure, go ahead." He said. Like he would said 'No! You can't go to the toilet' of course he said okay! What am I thinking? I shook my head and walked to the the toilet. I took my make-up bag and started re-doing my make-up.  

After 5 minutes I decided that I should go back before they start thinking I drowning in the toilet. Okay that was lame.

Louis POV:

Everybody got out the car only Niall and i stayed. "So, what's the problem, mate?" I asked. "I don't really know how to tell you." He said. "What? You know you can tell me everything!" I told him. "I know mate, that's why I'm telling you now." He said. "So, I kinda like Jess." He continued. My world collapsed. "What do yo mean 'like'?" Please don't like like her! "Like as in I have a few feelings for her I think." Oh no. He has to be kidding  me! "Oh." That's all I could say. "But I think you like her too." He said. "Um, I mean, I like her but I need to get her know her better first." I said honestly. "Yeah me too." He said. "So how are we gonna fix this?" I asked. "Fix what?" He asked. "Well, I like Jess and you like Jess. So..." Did he really not got that?

"I get the girl of course!" He said. What? No! "haha, why would you get the girl? I have as much right to have her as you!" This pissed me of! "You always get the girl! I haven't got a girlfriend in how long? You tell me!" He was right but I wanted Jess to be mine too! "So! My previous relationship ended 2 years ago! I haven't got anyone since!" I said. "Well, um, I call dips!" He said. "Dips? You can't call dips on girls! They are human! Not the last donut!" Wow he is comparing Jess with food or material? "Just give this girl to me, dude! I'll promise I'll treat her as my princess!" He said.

"That's not the point Niall! I think I love her!" I confesed. "Fine! Oh wait! I have an idea! Let's make her chose! We go on dates and who she kisses first wins!" That was not a bad idea! "Yeah, but she needs to lean in! You can't make a move! It happens when it happens!" I said.

We talked about this for another 5 minutes. I decided to go back inside."So your bet with Jess is off right?" He reminded me. Damn I forgot at bout that! I hope she remembers and kisses me before Niall. "Niall, let's go inside. We've been in here for a long time." I said. I didn't want to answer his question.  

We got back inside and I saw that Jess wasn't here. Niall saw too obvious. "Where is Jess?" I asked.  "She in the toilet." Zayn told me. Not 10 seconds later she came walking out the ladies room. She took place next to Zayn. I suppose she sat there the whole time. I wanted to sit next to her but Niall had the same idea and we both sat on the same chair because of that we both fell on the ground. The whole restaurant laughed at us. Zayn was laughing so hard that he was crying. I guess he saw it coming. Jess looked at us with a little smile. Was she mad? "Can I talk to you both?" She asked suddenly. We both said yes and followed her. She stopped in front of the van and opened it. She got in and we did too. "Is someone got something  to tell me?" She said, that was kinda direct. "Their is nothing babe." I said. "Why are you lying to me?" She asked. "We're not!" Niall jumped  in. "Fine, if you not want to tell me then...don't talk to me at all." She said and got out the van back into the restaurant. 

Emma POV:

I sat next Liam and Harry in the restaurant. Louis and Niall didn't come in with us. Probably something about the cart thing today. I don't really care. It's obvious they both like Jess and now they're fighting about her. You don't need to be a genius to see that but guess who didn't see it. Yeah that's right Jess, she never sees it when a guy likes her. Now she has two boys crushing on her and she doesn't even know.

Jess was looking at the window every 5 seconds. Then afther 5 minutes she stood up and told Zayn she was going to the bathroom. Not much later Niall and Louis came in. The first thing they saw was that Jess wasn't here. Then she came back and they both try to go sit on the same chair. Result: They were both on the ground. Everybody in the restaurant was laughing at them and they were so embarrassed. Only Jess wasn't laughing, she just smiled. Then she asked she could talk to them and they walked outside the restaurant into the van. 

"I wonder what they are doing." Liam said. I turned my attention to him. I've been focusing on Jess the whole time. "It obvious, they both like her and now she wants to know why they are being so weird." Zayn said. Zayn and Jess have been talking a lot. I hope she doesn't fall for him. "Hey, What are you doing tomorrow?." A husky voice whispered into my ear. "Um, nothing special why?" I said. "Maybe we could hang out?" Harry asked. "You mean like a date?" I asked just to be sure. "If you want it to be a date, so it is. But if you don't want it to be then let's call it just hanging out." He explained. "Yeah, I'd love to." I said. "Good, I'll pick you up at 1 o'clock." He said. I nodded and started eating my food who just had been brought to our table. Liam sat on the other side on the table right in front of me. He was quiet. He was just eating his food and sometimes he looked at me and then glared at Harry. 

Meanwhile Jess had already got back inside and she didn't look that happy. 10 seconds later her 'lovers' came inside too. They looked sad. Oh I can't wait to hear what happened in there.  

Zayn POV:

When Jess stormed inside I knew something was up. She sat next to me and started eating. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing!" She spat. "Yes there is! Tell me, Jess!" I spat back. Then Louis and Niall came in. Louis sat next to her and Niall on the other chair next to Louis. "Just...Never mind. It's stupid." She said. "Fine. If you wanna talk I'm here for you okay?" I said. I don't know why I felt so protective over her but she could be one of my younger sisters. If these jerks hurt her they will see a side of me they haven't seen yet in these 2 years. "Thanks Zayn." She said and took a sip of her drink. 

Dinner was done and Louis, Niall and Jess hadn't said a lot. It was now about 1 o'clock and the girls started to get tired. We drove to our apartment because it was closer. Jess had fallen asleep in the car and she was laying with her had on Louis's shoulder. I saw him looking at her a few times. Every time he did he smiled. Emma was talking to Liam the whole ride and Niall was talking to Louis and Harry. I was just observing everybody and everything that was going on. I should have brought Perrie, I missed her. I texted her a lot since that day but it's not the same as seeing her beautiful face. 

When we arrived at our place the girls jaw just dropped to the floor. "Wow! this is so big and pretty!" Emma screamed. She started to look around and soon found her way to the kitchen.

Jess didn't dare to make a lot of movements or she was just really tired and just follow  Louis, who was holding her hand because he helped her out of the car while she was half sleeping. They walked into the living room and Niall turned on the TV. "Let's watch a movie. We can watch the Notebook or titanic or Love actually..." Harry said. "Dude! Those are all chick movies!" Louis said. Harry pouted and sat next to Louis. "Let's watch a horror movie." Jess said. She was sitting next to Louis. Everybody agreed and Niall puttted the Last exorcism. Niall took his usual seat on the floor. I don't why he was always on the floor.

We started to watch the movie in the beginning it wasn't scary but then it was getting really bloody and scary. I stood up and got some popcorn. I already saw this part and I didn't want to see it again.
When I came back Jess was curled up against Louis and was hiding in his shirt. He was rubbing her back and whispered something in her ear. Emma was holding on to Liam. She was still looking at the movie but you saw she was very scared.

I had a brilliant idea. I sneaked behind the couch and suddenly jumped up while screaming 'Boooooo'! Jess jumped on Louis's lap and Emma jumped on the ground. They both were screaming!  All the others were laughing at the girls.  reactions. Liam picked Emma up from the ground and putted her on his lap. "Omg! Zayn! Why did you do that?" She screamed. "I thought it would be fun!" I said. "What's fun about scaring the shit out me!" Emma also screamed. "Wow, chill girls." Harry said. "Hey can someone take us home? It's getting late." Emma said. Liam and Louis got up. "I'll drive you home." I said. They both sat down again awkward. The girls got up and took their stuff and gave all the boys a hug and a kiss. 

I drove them to their appartment. Emma hugged me and got out, Jess gave me a kiss (on the cheeck of course) and a hug and got out. 

(A/N: let me know what you think and what couple you would like the most. I'll try to update as soon as possible :) Greets Axelle)

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