When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


13. Chapter 11


Harry POV:

When we got there Louis told us that he already teamed up with Jess. I didn't mind but it looked like Niall did. I don't know what's up with that chap. I'll ask Louis what's going on later today. Just as I wanted to go ask Emma if she would team up with me Liam jumped infront of me and walked toward her! Seriously! It's on and he knows it! This battle I won't lose. 
Because Liam already asked Emma I teamed up with Zayn and Niall called Josh because Lou had asked Jess when we were in the elevator. I guess Niall has the same feeling as me now but I don't want to talk about feelings with Nialler. 

Emma POV:

I stood next to Jess because I felt a little awkward because I saw Liam looking at Harry and Harry at me and then Liam back to me. Suddenly Harry walked over me but Liam who stood closer jumped infront of him and walked to me. I looked at Harry who stopped walking now and just stood there with a mean look at his face. To be honest it was a little mean from Liam, Harry clearly walked over me first. Oh well. "Hey Emma, Um...Do you want to team up with me?" Liam asked. "Yeah sure!" I told him excited. I looked back at Harry who stood with Zayn now, it's like he felt that I was looking and shrugged I gave him a smile and followed Liam to room where our suits were I took the smallest but it was still too big and my heels just made it ridiculous! I came outside and Liam laughed. "Nice style Emma!" he joked. "If Niall had warned us I could have put on some diffrent shoes on. Normally I was wearing the vans but I had some heels in my locker and when Niall said he took us with him I changed from the Vans to the heels. Bad idea! 
Jess was even wurse! She had her highest heels on. She was wearing an ombre tank top and a withe pants with black stripes on the sides. She also had a beanie with ears on. (here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/jess/set?id=68672406). When she was at work she took the heels off because nobody sees you behind the counter and she didn't really care what other people tought about her. 
I got into my cart and wait for the others who slowly got into theirs too. I looked at Jess who shook hands with Louis and then walked over to her cart. By the way she was looking I knew something was up. She got into hers and we waited for the man to give us some instrucions. Josh was in the cart on my left and Jess on my right next to her was Harry.  
When the dude finally was ready we got on our places and looked at the lights who went red, orange...Green! Before I knew what was happening Jess left with a high speed, Josh behind her and Harry about the same as Josh. I was last but I was about to make my big comeback. I stood on my gas and passed by Harry, he couldn't believe I was going to beat him. I waved and went a little faster until I got to Josh. I jammed my cart on his and he flew away, he was pissed. Harry didn't want to lose from us and I had a feeling he wanted to get back at me after what I did too Josh who was now totally loosing the game. I heard Louis screaming 'Come on Jess!!!' I saw Harry coming closer and closer and Liam screamed 'Emma watch out!' So I quicklly made a turn and Harry drove into the rubberbands who were there to catch someone. Now Jess was going down. 
from I was a little kid I've been very competitive but so is Jess and I think she has a goal now! Well I don't really care! I need to win. 
I gave some more gas and drove behind her she was about 10 meters infront of me.  We needed to do one more lap. I couln't catch up on her. 

Jess POV:

I saw Emma come closer and I just pressed that gas even more I was going really fast. She already took out Harry and Josh and I'm not gonna lose! Louis was really supporting me and yelled 'Come on Jess! You're gonna win this! ' He really wanted that kiss and to be honest me too. I took the last turn, from now on it was straight. Emma slipped a little in the turn and I took advantage of that. I pressed my gaspedal one more time and drove faster than ever. Emma did the same and got right behind me! I drove over the line! Omg yes I won! I stopped the car and Emma came to me and shook my hand. "You did well, my sister." She said. "You did well too. You took those two guys out." I said. We then turned to the other teams. 
Josh and Harry already finished and got back to their other team mates. Zayn was laughing at Harry because he was beaten by a girl. 
Emma looked at me and we both took the helmets of our heads and shook our heads seductive. I always wanted to do that and it looked probably very sexy in my head but with these race suits and high heels I don't think it really was.
I walked at Louis. "You know you did really good." He said while he wrapped his arms around my waist. "Yeah I did right. I may have lied about never doing this before." I said. Emma's dad used to take us carting. "Ooh now it makes sense. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have to give you the kiss now hu?" He said. "I think your wrong. You need to win too." I pointed at him. He pouted and got ready for his ride. "I'll win this easly." He said. "I hope you do. Here for some more luck." I stood on the tips of my toes and gave him a kiss on his cheeck. He blushed but didn't want me to see so putted his helmet on and got in our cart. 

Niall POV:

Did I just see Jess give Louis a kiss? What no! This can be happening! How am I ever gonna get my chance? Harry saw my little panic attack. He took my arm and pulled me to the bathroom. "I think we have the same problem!" He said. "What I don't know what your talking about!" I didn't want anyone to know. "Come on, dude! You clearly like Jess and I like Emma!" He almost yelled. "Well, um, yeah. But Louis already has her." I told him. "Yeah I know and Liam got Emma! We need to get them appart! If we kiss these girls first they will be our girlfriends and Louis and Liam will back of!" He told his genious plan. "Yeah you're right!" I said. "You need to hurry! I heard Louis and Jess make a deal, if they win she gonna kiss him." What? So the cheeck kiss what just a previeuw of what is yet to come! I had to stop this. 


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