When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


12. Chapter 10


Louis POV:

Niall was out to go eat Nando's again! I really wanted him to find them! It's weird how much I missed Jess! Tonight I even dreamt about her! How crazy is that? I woke up with a really good feeling so I hope when Niall walks in there will be 2 girls behind him! Like everytime when Niall is at Nando's all the boys and I watch Tv and talked a little bit while we nervously waited for Niall. After 30 minutes we tought he found them or something had happend He's never that long away! Usually he eats there and asks the manager if Jess and Emma work there, if they don't he just leaves.  

Suddenly we hear the door open and 10 seconds later Niall's head popped in the living room. "And were they there?" Harry asked. I looked at Niall's face but he looked sad, I started to shook my head when suddenly I heard a giggle from the hallway. I looked around to see if anyone else heard it too but everyone turned their attention to Niall because he was about to speak. I got up and walked passed him, into the hallway. "Omg! Jess!" I yelled, I was so happy to see her again that I just screamed! "Louis! You totally ruined the plan!" She hitted my arm playfull. I looked at her, she was even prettier than I could remember! I stepped forward to hug her and the others came from the living room. I wrapped my arms around her. "You ruined it yourself with the giggle, love." I whispered in her ear. After 10 seconds we pulled back and gave her a chance to give the others also a hug.

Emma POV:

When we got in the car with Niall he said something about a plan. I wasn't listening the only thing on my mind was what I would say to Liam. I hope it doesn't get awkward, why would it? It's not like he tryed to kiss me and his best friend trew a drink over him. "So when we get there just wait in the hallway and don't make any noise!" Jess said okay and I just nodded.  

We got out the van and entered the building.  

Niall opened the door and we waited in the hall just like he told us, Niall walked into the living room and Jess looked at me. I felt a sneeze coming up and I tried to hide it, so I made all these weird faces to stop it. Then I heard Jess giggle, she quickly covered her mouth. We listened that nobody else heard it but I guess nobody did, wrong! Suddenly Louis comes around the corner and screamed "Omg! Jess!" "Louis! You totally ruined the plan!" She hitted his arm. Then he hugged her. Then I saw Liam and Harry also come around the corner and Harry came up to me while Liam gave Jess a hug. "Hey, beautiful!" Harry said. "Hello!" I said, I didn't really know how to reply. He pulled me into a hug. "You know, I missed you!" He whispered in my ear. That raspy voice in a whisper tone is just unbelievable!  

We broke the hug and he looked at me and then turned around to say hi to Jess. Finally Liam came up to me, "Hey, how are you doing? He asked. How you doing? That's all I get after 2 weeks. "Hey, um... I'm fine, you?" I answered. "Yeah me too! By the way you look amazing!" Did he really think that? Or was he trying to look confident, I don't care I always love a compliment! "Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself mister!" He was wearing a shirt with a plaid shirt over it. You know Liam style. I took his collar and made sure it was good. He chuckled and smiled at me. That smile.., I really missed that.
I hugged the other boys and we sat in the living room for about 2 minutes. "So, what are we gonna do now that you found us?" Jess asked. "Oh, I know. Maybe we should go carting!" Harry said and jumped up and down. Then Louis jumped up too and they both pretened like they were fangirling about carting. "Oh yeah, I've never done that! Please take us there! Pleaase!" Jess jumped up too. What's with everyone being a little kid today.  I agreed to go to the carting thing. I never done it either so this would be fun. We got ready and then left. 

Louis POV:

I was realyy excited that we were going carting! It's been forever! We all got in the elevator to go downstairs. I really wanted Jess in my team. I don't wan't Niall to take her away from me like last time! I was so pissed when he did that! So when Jess wanted to get in the elevator I pulled her back out. "Lou, what are you doing?" She asked. I saw the doors from the elevator close and Niall's head change into a frown, then the doors closed and a evil smile appeard on my face. "I just thought the elevator was to crowded'and we should take the stairs and talk." I said. "Oh, um, yeah I quess that would be good." She said. I opened the door and we started walking downstairs. "So, missed me?" Oh no, now I sound like a total jerk! She chuckled. "Yeah, to be honest I kinda did... but also the others of course." I was suprised she said that. "Really? So, um, who are you teaming up with?" I scratched the back of my neck. "Oh, I don't now yet, why?" She watched every step she took. Clearly this was awkward! "Well, maybe we can team up, if you want of course?" I asked nervous. "Oh, well yeah, I would love to!" Omg! she said yes! "Yay, thank you Jess. We're gonna own them." She laughed loudly. "You have a nice laugh, you know?" Suddenly she looked very shy and putted a strand of hair behind her ear. That was the cutest thing! We walked on and when we got to the exit the others were all waiting for us. "Finally!" Liam said while trowing his arm in the air. We all got in the van and drove to the carting arena. Harry had already called the boss to rent the whole place so there won't be people who every 5 seconds interrupt us for an autograph! Sometime that really annoyed me, no offence to the fans! I love them! Just not when we I am trying to get a special date with a lovely girl.
After a 10 minute ride we were there. We all entered and got in our suits. The racing outfit was way to big on Jess, she could almost swim in it and the heels didn't really fit the whole racer image. I took our helmets and walked to our cart. She came about 20 seconds later and I gave her the helmet. "Well there goes the hair!" She said sarcastic. "It will all worth it if we beat them!" I joked. She laughed. "Don't expect to much. It's my first time remember?" She reminded me. "I know you'll do well. By the way, I never  never lose. No pressure." I told her. "No pressure at all! How am I gonna do this? I don't want to be the reason you lose for the first time!" She sounded nervous. "Hey, chill, okay? I won't mind if I lose with a beautiful girl on my side!" I calmed her down by putting my hand on every side of her arms. I felt her relax. "Louis, that's the sweetest thing anyone ever told me!" She said. "What nobody told you your beautiful?" I can't believe this! Am I the only one who sees she is gorgues? Yeah, Niall too. "Well, not really." She admitted. "Did you never had a boyfriend?" I asked. "Yeah but I, um, nevermind." What happend with that guy? Now I really want to know! Did he hurt her? I'll kill him if he did! 
 I looked at Niall and he stood next to Josh, he invited him when he was in the elevator. I bet he knew I was gonna ask Jess then. He saw me looking and gave me a really mean glare! 
Liam was putting on Emma's helmet. She looked even funny as her sister with the heels. 
Harry and Zayn teamed up and were getting ready too. 
I turned my attention back  to Jess who was trying to get the helmet on by herself. "Let me help you love." I said. I putted the helmet very careful on her head. Her cheecks were pressed together and I couldn't hold it anymore I started laughing so hard. "Omg Jess, that's the funniest and cutest thing I  ever saw." I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of her. "Louis! Delete that!" She tryed to grab my phone but I kept it above my head. I was bigger than her so she couldn't reach it. She tryed to jump and screamed my name a few times. "Babe, Stop yelling or I put it on Twitter." I threatened her. "No! You wouldn't!" She hitted my arm. Meanwhile Harry stood next to her. "Trust me he will!" He warned her. "You know it's only a few buttons." I said. "Louis! Delet the photo and nobody will get hurt!" Now she threatened me. "I'm really scared. I won't put in Twitter if..." A smile sneeked it's way on my face. "If what?"She asked me. "If you let me finish your birthday kiss!" I said. Harry looked at me and gave me a 'good job bro' look. "What? Fine! But... Only if we win and you have to promis me you never take a picture of me again or I can kick you in the balls 5 times whenever I want!" 
Wow playing hard ball! "Deal! But you're gonna do your best on circuit!" I said and stook my hand out. It's a pretty rough deal but I really want that kiss. "Deal and okay I will." She winked at me and got in the cart. "Let's do this!" She said and drove to the start line. Wow that girl has some nerves! 
All the other teams first drivers follow her and the light all got red, orange and green. Then on the right moment Jess gave full speed and took of as the first one! Oh yes I'm gonna get my kiss!  

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