When we had to chose...(One Direction fanfic)

Jess and Emma are 18 years old and live in America.Their parents bought them a loft in London where they study. One day the two girls win a M&G with the famous boyband One Direction. But the boys have secretly a crush on them and make the girls chose...


3. Chapter 1


Jess POV:

Emma and me got home from a 5 hours shift at Nando’s. Em starts opening the door and I watch closely because I really wanted to get inside and watch TV or something. Not 10 seconds later she already was inside and trew herself on the couch. I locked our door and went straight to the shower. I really needed that smell out of my hair and how faster how better. I was reliving my day in the shower and thinking about what I should do with my life and stuff while I heard someone knocking on my door like a crazy person. Of course it was Emma, who else? She was yelling my name so I decided to come out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I opened the door(like donkey kong 64)  and she pulled my arm and dragged me to the kitchen. The radio was super loud, and there was a song of One Direction, aka the biggest, most beautiful, talented, hottest boy band in the world! Sorry, Emma and me are like the biggest fans! So the song was Live while we're young, Emma told me they are doing a competition to go meet him in London and spend a whole day with them and then a concert with front row tickets. WOW we need to win this!!! 
I'm not the luckiest person but I know Emma is. Once she found a 20 dollar note in a forest where no one ever came, all I got that day was a mud bath. 
Anyway, we were rocking in the kitchen. When the song was over they did a little drama song thing for tension and told us what the assignment was. The question was who wrote the song "little things"? As soon as we heard 'who wrote" I send  Ed Sheeran, Emma send it like a second later because she wanted to hear it really was for the song little things. 
The presentator said that they will text the winner tomorrow. I really couldn’t wait. 
But while I wait I might want to finish my shower, now I sat next to Emma on the couch and we watched TV. I think I fell asleep because that's the last thing I can remember.

When I woke up I realized we only had one day before school started!! I had the amazing idea to go shopping! 
Yeah, let's wake up Emma and ask her! Trust me this isn't going to be easy!! "Emmaaaa?" I asked very quit, "Hmmm?" she answered very sleepy. "So I was thinking, maybe we could go shopping before school starts again? What do you think?" I tried to ask it so sweet as possible. "Go away!" she said annoyed. "Okay, you find me in the mall, bye!" I really didn't want to wake her up the hard way because I didn’t want her to hit me or something and if I did she would be in a terrible mood the whole day and that's the last thing I want!
I went to my bedroom and took an outfit out of my closet. Just a peach blouse and some light bleu jeans and some really cool pumps. (Here is the outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=68612454&.locale=nl).
I took a banana and left our loft.

Oooh I love shopping! It makes me feel so good and also because I'm really rich (sorry, don't want to brag or something) I can buy anything I want without thinking: oh this is too much. 
When I visited like the half of the mall, I got a text from an unknown number. I wanted to look but something else caught my eye I saw the Laboutin store and even though I was wearing mine, I just needed another pair. Not just a pair, the pair that was in the window! They were soo pretty. 
I ran in the store and asked if I could have my size but the sales girl said it wasn't available in my size! "What do you mean 'not available in my size'?" I asked in disbelieve. "Um, yeah you see that woman over there, she's fitting them right now. And I think she's going to buy them."The saleswoman said in a tone I didn't really like. "Do you really don't have an extra pair? I really want them!" I was about to get al childish and start jumping, but I didn't, mum and 'dad' want us to be more responsible. "No, I'm sorry; maybe you can ask the lady that you can fit them?"She said polite but I saw that she was getting tired of me. "Yeah, I will!" 
Oh god that lady looked so mean. Come on Jess get yourself together! You want these shoes and u will get them! I slowly walked over to the lady who was looking in the mirror. I ticked on her shoulder and she turned around. "Um, h-hello, I was euh wondering if maybe I-I could um fit these shoes also?"I asked while I pointed to her shoes. "Why? Can't you see that I'm wearing them? Go away, they're mine!" She almost yelled this part. "Oh, Okay, yeah um bye" I was so scared, she was so mean! 
I started walking to the door but something popped in my mind, Emma is always telling me that I should stick up for myself! I turned around again and walked back to the lady. "I know you're wearing them but you don't need to be so mean!"I said raising my voice a little. "What? I--" She said  verry annoyed now. "No! Listen to me now for a second, we're still in the shop and you haven't bought them yet so I have the right to fit them to! and by the way your ankles look fat in the shoes!" I  was on fire! "No! they don't and what are u talking about! You have to wait until I'm done fitting!" I think she was about to hit me. "You're fitting them for over 5 minutes now! Clearly you are insecure about them and doubting! And --" I was cut off by my phone ringing. 
Oh come on I was feeling so good. "Just a second!" I said to the woman who still had thoise shoes! "Hello, Jess here?" I said to the unknown voice  "Hello, you are our lucky winner for the M&G with One Direction on the second of September! Are you exited?" someone said and the first thing popped up in my mind was: what? me? I wonn something? "Are you kidding me? I mean serious! Don't fool me!" I said. The man answered: "Hahah yeah you're the winner!! Can you scream for us?" "Well that's quite not possible I'm in a shop!" "Well, just do it anyway!" "Well okay, Wooooohoooo YEAAAH!!!!!" Iscreamed in the shop. "Thanks Jess, come to our studio tonight at 6 o'clock!" "Okay, I'll be there! Bye!" "Bye Jess!" 

Omg am I dreaming? I just won! And screamed in a shop! The lady with the shoes left and left them here for me! Oh my! This is the best day ever!!!!" I fitted the shoes very quick, they were perfect! I paid and ran home! 


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