Triangle Of Love

When Victorianna went to college, she had hopes of getting over her long-time crush, who also happened to be her best friend, Lucas. She had no idea what was in store. Victorianna started college and goes to a party with her roomate and her boyfriends' friends. She meets one of his friends and us mesmerized by him. She falls head over heels for him, but is it enough to help her get over Lucas?


2. Mornin'

Victorianna's POV

Ellie was still sleeping, so I decided to not wake her up. Hahahahaha. That's funny, I was almost about to be normal instead of obnoxious for once in my life. Anyway, so I took a pillow and started hitting her with it while screaming," ELLIEEEEEE GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP! TIME FOR COLLEGEEEEEE!!!!!" She finally got up and I was greeted with a," Good Morning, Bitch." Hahahaha, I love this girl. Anyway as we both started actually waking up we both remebered we needed to get a shower. We both made a mad dash to the bathroom. We were in like a death match for about five minutes until she gave up. I gave her a sweet smile and pranced into the bathroom. She made an inhumane grunting sound and I shut the door. I took a quick shower and got ready and let Ellie have the bathroom. 

           When we both were ready we left. As we walked to our classes she brought up the Zayn thing again. "Soooo, Tori, you like Zayn." she said while she was wiggling her eyebrows. I sighed,"Yeah, he seems nice and such. And he is pretty hot." "I KNEWWWWWW ITTTTT!!!!" She screamed in my ear. "Oh shut up, we just met, and its not like anything is gonna happen Ellie" I said while trying to stop myself from smiling. We both went our seperate ways to our first class.

             I went into my English class and sat down. I have always wanted to become a teacher, and I figured to do that I needed to go to more English classes. Right before class started Zayn slipped into the seat beside and smiled. I smiled back and the teacher started droning on about who knows what. The only part I got was that we needed a partner for some project. I didn't really know anyone in the class, so I was a bit nervous to see who I would work with. Our homework for the night was to get a partner who was in our class. Uh Oh. 





( A/N if anyone has been dying for an update, *Cough Cough* Merlin23 here it is ;). It is bad and I have been wondering what to write about. So sorry. I would love ideas for this, if anyone else is even reading this.)


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