Triangle Of Love

When Victorianna went to college, she had hopes of getting over her long-time crush, who also happened to be her best friend, Lucas. She had no idea what was in store. Victorianna started college and goes to a party with her roomate and her boyfriends' friends. She meets one of his friends and us mesmerized by him. She falls head over heels for him, but is it enough to help her get over Lucas?


1. New Chapter

Victorianna's POV

I woke up in the morning at about 6 a.m. I was excited because this was the day I went off to college. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I turned on a light and looked at my packed up room. I smiled and picked up my phone. I went through my contacts and called my bestfriend Lucas. Lucas and I have been friends since we were about three years old. When he answered he said sleepily, "Vic, what do you want, it is 6 in the morning?" "I know! I know! Sorry I am just really excited to go to college today!" I yelled through the phone. He chuckled and said,"Yeah, me too, now can I go back to sleep so I don't look like a zombie when we get to the college?" I sighed and said, "Fiiiiiine. Be like that!" I laughed and hung up, college here I come!


I picked up Lucas from his house at about ten. The college was only about 20 minutes away from his house. We finally got there and I jumped out of the car and got my things. I dragged Lucas to the office and we got our dorm assignments. I ran to my room and found a girl in there, which I was assuming was my roomate. I went up to her and said, "Hi, I'm Victorianna, but you can call me Vic." She smiled and said,"Hi, I am Eleanor. I'm going to call you Tori." I laughed and said laughing, "Fine with me, I'll call you Ellie. That's a fun name." "Okay, so I guess we are roomates." She said with a warm smile. We sat and talked for awhile, and then Lucas came in. "Hey, Vic, you all settled, need any help?" he asked. "Oh, no. But thanks." I said with smile. I introduced Eleanor and Lucas, and then Lucas left. Then Ellie bombarded me with questions. "Ooooooh! Is he your boooooyfriend?" she said with a childish voice. "No, Ellie, he is my bestfriend. We have always been just friends and we will always be just friends. But do you have a boyfriend?" I asked. "Yeah, his name is Louis. Him and all of his friends go here. You, me, and Lucas should hang out with them later." I called Lucas and he said okay. 

             I told Ellie me and Lucas were going to explore the campus. She said she wanted to come but right before we left she got a call from Louis. They talked for awhile so Lucas and I just left. It was about 3:00 and neither of us had eaten anything all day, so we went to the cafe on campus. We got some coffees and sandwiches and sat down. We talked for awhile. Apparently Lucas was sharing a room with someone named Niall. He also explained to me that he eats alot. We both talked to each other for a little longer and left.

                  We went back to our rooms and my dorm was locked. I unlocked it and saw Ellie, making out with some guy on her bed, whom I assumed was Louis. They didn't hear me come in so I just stood in the doorway awkwardly until they finally came up for some breath. It was quite disturbing. I'm surprised they didn't go all the way. If you kow what I mean. I was getting bored just standing there so I cleared my throat. They finally stopped and looked at me. I awkwardly said,"Uhhh, yeah sorry I'll ummm go." "Oh Tori. Heyyyy. Sorry about that." she said with a shy smile. "Oh no it's fine, I'll just go." I said as I began to walk away. Ellie grabbed my arm and pulled me back in the room. The guy-Louis- was sitting there looking like a fish. She pulled me to where Louis was sitting and slapped him back to reality. "God Eleanor. Did you have to slap me. That hurt." he said. "Oh shut up, Lou. Anyway," she said turning back to me," Tori, this is Louis Tomlinson, my boyfriend, Louis, this is Tori, well Victorianna, my roomate." Ellie smiled. "Uhh, hi Louis. Ellie has told me that your friends are gonna hang out tonight, and she invited me and my friend. I hope that is alright." I said shyly. "Yeah sure, anything for Eleanor." he said as he pulled her into his lap kissing her. She smiled and got up. She linked her arm with mine smiled back at Louis and dragged me out of our room.    

             We walked around the campus talking and then we ran into one of Ellie's friends. "Hey Dani! How is it going!" Ellie said to the beautifully tanned girl with curly hair. "Good. Good, who's this?" she asked. "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Victorianna, Danielle, Danielle, Victorianna. Tori, you can call Danielle, Dani. Dani, you can call Victorianna, Tori, or Vic. Whichever you want." she said with a huge smile. I smiled back at her relieved that I didn't have to introduce myself to her. I'm really shy, so I don't like doing that type of stuff. I smiled at Dani and she pulled me into a hug. All three of us linked arms and talked. I learned that Dani is dating Liam, one of Louis' friends. After we talked we went to Lucas' dorm and got him. It turns out Niall was another one of Louis' friends, so we all just went to Louis' dorm he shares with a tall guy with curly hair and beautiful green eyes, named Harry. Lucas, Louis, Niall, Ellie, Dani, Harry, and I were in the dorm and we were just waiting for Liam, and a guy named Zayn.

              They finally came and I had to be introduced to a lot more people. Niall was really cute with an Irish accent, and blond hair, blue eyes. Harry was pretty hot, especially is green eyes. Louis was loud and really cute. Ellie did a good job. Liam was quiet, but really hot. Good going Dani. Zayn was pretty reserved. Quiet, speaks only when spoken to, like me. I went over to him and tried to get a conversation going with him. He was actually really interesting, once he started talking. We all hung out for a few hours and then went to our dorms. When I began to drift to sleep I heard Ellie say,"Hey. Tori. Do you like Zayn?" "No, why." I asked. "Because you seemed like you did." I could just hear the smirk in her smile. I laughed and said,"Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever." "You know, when you were Zayn the whole night, I could see Lucas getting jealous." she said, still with a smirk. I threw a pillow at her and laughed," Shut up El! No he was not." "Well, I KNOW Zayn likes you. It takes a lot to get him talking." she said. I smiled at the thought and went to sleep.


In the morning I woke up to the annoying chirps of birds. I then realized I was at college, and today was the first day. This is a new chapter in my life.

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