Last first kiss

Deanna and her best friend Carley are adverage teenagers who love one direction but who is their valentine and how does he know them?


1. It all started

Deanna's POV
"Hahaha Harry what are you doing?!"
"Suducing you what else"
"Do you want to know if its working or not"
"We'll then what will I be getting tonight?"
You took his hands in to yours and placed them on your hips and started to sway.
"That's all?!" Harry whined.
"Maybe more if your good tonight"
"Well we still have five hours what do you want to do before we go out to meet your parents? Deanna,Deanna,Deanna?"
You wake up realizing it was just a dream.
"Good Morning" your best friend Carley said a little too happily.
"What are you so happy about?"
"We are going out shopping today for the valentines day dance at school."
"Ugg do we have to nobody asked me!"
"We'll maybe someone will eventually."
"Fine but,I am going to be super picky!"
"That's fine with me as long as you go and get a dress."
You got ready in you usual Florida outfit some jean shorts,a holister shirt, and some sanndals. You put on some foundation,masscara,and eye liner.
On the car ride over kiss you came on and Carley and you started sing and yelling the lyrics. When you got to holister you saw a short red and white dress and Carley found a short pink one, you tried yours on first.
"Do you like it?"
"More like love it looks great on you!"
"You really like it?"
"Of course you look great."
"Thanks now try yours on"
Carley puts hers on and walks out. It took your breath away.
"OMG Girl you look great get that one period!"
"Ok! Ok! I will get"
You both pay for the dresses then leave as you were walking out of the mall a guy was running and he ran in to you and knocked you over.
"Ow that hurt."
"Sorry love"he replied with a British accent.
"Don't I know you from somewhere?"
"I don't think so I have to go can I have your number?"
"Sure here"
You write your number on a piece of paper and give it to him."my name is Deanna"
"We'll thanks Deanna I'm Harry and I will text you."
With that he ran away.You turned to Carley and said,"that was weird"
"You can say that again. Lets go home I have some homework I have to do."
"OK let's go then."
You then went home wondering if he will text you.
*Harry's P.O.V*
Wow that girl I ran into I think her name was Deanna, yeah it was Deanna, she was too pretty not to ask for her phone number. I want to see her again. I have a crush on a girl and she is too pretty. Her friend looked good for Niall. Wait,she gave me her number, I entered her in my contacts as Deanna<3. Don't judge I just had to add the heart.
"What are you doing Harry?" Louis asked me
"Promise you won't say a thing?"
"We'll there is this girl that I ran into today and I think I might have a crush on her."
"Thanks Louis what would I do without you"
I left the room without a responce. For the rest of the night I just thought about Deanna and decided to write a secret love letter to her.
*Deanna's P.O.V*
When I woke up Carley had already gotten the mail and sorted it. Me,her,bills,trash/ads.
"Any for me?"
"Yep this one."
"No problem"
I opened it and saw a love letter inside. It said:
I like you do you like me if you want to know who I am and more that I have to say meet me in the park by the swing sets at 3 O'clock today. It was only ten so I decided to chill out for a while. When it was around 2 I went to get ready in a pink shirt that says love,some jean shorts,and pink sandals. When you got there he wasn't in sight so you sat on the swings and waited.
"Deanna?" You heard a mans voice ask you looked up and saw Harry with one rose.
"Yeah Harry did you write that letter?"
"Believe it or not yes"
"Wow um I like you to"
"So I heard that your high school is hosting a valentines day dance so would you like to go with me?"
"I would love to"
He hands you the rose and you guys just walk and talk
"Hey Harry"
"I know where I have seen you before"
"Really where"
"Harry styles from one direction won third place on the X factor"
"So your a fan?"
"Yes does that bother you?"
"No not at all."
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