Praise Him

Praise God for what he does for you. How he stands by you and listens to you. The help he gives you.


1. Praise Him

We are all worn and weary
We have strife and pain
But that gives us no right
To turn our back on God

We need God in our lives
What gives us the right
He laided down his life for us
So we would have no more sin

We could turn our life around
Be on higher ground
Talk the talk
And walk the walk

We maybe weary and worn
But we have to carry on
There will always be pain and hurt
Some of us more then others

But each thing we go through
We have to praise him
Give him praise
If we ask we shall receive

If we keep quiet
We will get noting
Put your faith in God
He will give you more

Be happy, have joy
Don't let life get you down
If you do, you will lose
No matter where you go

Or what you do
Life is hard
But don't let it get you down
If God can give us the sun

To light the way
Give us the moon
To guide us through the night
Stars to twinkle and brighen

The sky
Give us all the things we need
Not what we want
But what we need

Think of all he does for us
He holds our hand
And puls us through
Praise him

He is with us no matter
Where we are
We cannot hide
Why would you want to

Give him your life
Let him turn you around
Place you on higher ground
Praise him
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