Love at first sight

Bella was a girl who lives life to the fullest. One day she want to the mall with her best friend and she bumped to the one and only Zayn Malik. It was like love at first sight.Zayn decided to give her his number and with that the story goes on.


5. The call

Bella POV

Sam dragged me back all the way to her car and before we left to go to her house she exchanged numbers and we we're off. "Now tell me Bella, what took you so long in there?" "Let me explain it at your house because if i explain it to you here, we might get into an accident." "Alright but don't lie." We we're driving to her house in silence until i remembered that i had Zayn's phone number in my pocket. I still can't believe this is happening to me! (Ring, ring, from  the moment i met you everything changed, i knew i had to get you whatever the pain. I had to take you and make you mine, take you and make you mine). Oh my phone. I checked the caller I.D. and it was unknown. Um mm okay. I picked up the phone and put it beside my ear. "Hello Bella." "Uh yes, who is it?" "You will find out soon darling." And then the man hung up. I swear that sounded so familiar. It sounded like...."We're here! Now as soon as we get inside you have to tell me the 'important' reason why you took so long in Starbucks with my cappuccino!" She loves food like Niall her favourite member of one direction. "Okay...... last one inside is a rotten egg!" And i quickly ran to her house and she was beside me, in less than a second. "Its on like Donkey kong!" And we were off.


Unknown P.O.V

Poor Isabella, She must be worried right now about who called her. By the way it was me. I was released out of prison a month ago for good behavior. My plan now is to get back together with my gang and plan revenge against Bella. Oh and my other plan is to kill that horrible band called 'one infection' or is it one direction. Oh well i don't care. I have been watching Bella for the past couple of weeks and I already found out that shes really fond of music and that band. Watch out my dearest, your life is about to go from 'the best' to 'the worst' I have to plan out what I'm going to do next because i have no clue what to do. Yeah i bet you think "Oh you've had such a long time in prison and you didn't plan anything." Well i have been busy making new friend's. Good luck on having a good day on your 'walk' with that boy.

Bella's P.O.V

".....And that's what Zayn yelled to me while you we're choking me!" " Oh my gosh Niall was there?!" "Yes he was eating when i saw him." Why didn't you tell me?!" "Uh you we're choking me." "Oh alright. But you have Zayn's phone number!" "For the hundredth time Sam yes! And I'm not sure when to call him." I said uneasily while playing with my hoodies string. "Okay you should call him now. Don't worry  I'm here with you." "Okay." I took out my phone and dialed Zayn's number......

Zayn's P.O.V

I can't stop thinking about Bella, shes so beautiful! When I first bumped into her i swear it was like love at first sight. Her eyes we're shimmering in the bright shops light, the way her lips went when she was surprised, and when shes "Ring ring ' Who let the dogs out? Who, who , who" Speaking of Bella I hope it's her. *raises I phone to his ear* "Hi is this Zayn?" "Yeah! I mean, yeah. Is that you Bella?" " Yes! I just wanted to call you to say hi.." "Bella can you and me hangout today at the Park near that Big mall? If your free or...." "Yes! I would love too!" "Alright! Meet me there in 2 hours at 6 o'clock." "Okay. I have to go and get ready now. Bye Zayn, see you soon." "You too." Then i heard the three beeps meaning she hung up her phone. I never wanted to stop talking to her. Oh yeah I have to get ready now.


Hey people its me Nati! I'm co-authoring this amazayn book! I will be writing some chapters for this! No hate or I will bring spoons!!!!


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