Love at first sight

Bella was a girl who lives life to the fullest. One day she want to the mall with her best friend and she bumped to the one and only Zayn Malik. It was like love at first sight.Zayn decided to give her his number and with that the story goes on.


4. Shop till we drop

Bella's P.O.V

When it was three thirty Sam and I decided to finally go to the mall. We both ran upstairs and started to change. (couple minutes later). I looked in the mirror to check my appearance. I wore a white shirt that said "free hugs" printed in red. I also wore my black lucky cardigan. With that i wore dark blue ripped jeans and black and white Adidas shoes. "Hey Bells hurry up! I cant wait here forever!" "Alright, alright coming!" I got outside and Sam followed behind. "Lets go in your car Sam mines is almost out of gas" i say with a goofy grin. "Alright!" We both got in and buckled our seat belts.(Car engine starts). We we're still on her street and Sam was driving. I got bored so I turned on the radio. "Coming on right now is One directions Nobody compares." Sam and I squealed like crazy. This was our favorite song by one direction. We both started to yell out all of the lyrics to this song. (ten minutes later) We finally got there and we almost got a parking spot until these boys in hoodies quickly took the spot we we're gonna take. "Hey we we're gonna park there first!" Sam yelled. "Sorry ladies, first come first serve!" The boy said with an Irish accent. Strange that sounded awfully familiar. After five awful minutes of trying to find a parking spot we found one. Thank god! We got out of the car and rushed right into the mall.


(3 hours of non-stop shopping) Oh man! I'm exhausted! You know the saying 'shop till you drop' well we did that literally. "Hey Sam can we go to Starbucks. I'm so tired i could fall asleep right on this bench." "Sure, sure lets go. But how are we going to hold all of these bag's?" We both we're thinking until a cute boy that was blonde came up to Sam. "Hey darling." And he whistled twice and winked at her. I looked at Sam and she had an idea face. Oh i hope shes not doing what i think shes doing.

(Couple minutes later of non-stop talking) Sam, Blondie boy, and I we're going into Starbucks and many people we're in line. "One sec you guys I will wait in line." I say while they both we're talking. "Yeah yeah sure." Sam said with a busy expression  on her face. Shes such a flirt. I walk into line and went on my phone and checked twitter and went on Zayn's profile. "In Starbucks waiting in line. Almost next! What should i order?" Many people answered instantly and replied these random orders. I swear we both live in Bradford but i never saw him ever in my life. "Next!" "Oh yes hi, can i get 2 chocolate cappicinos to go." "Sure." (Pays the lady and gets the drinks) I start humming One direction Torn when suddenly this guy in a hoodie bumped into me and spilled his coffee all over my shirt. "Oh my goodness i am so sorry. I will buy you a new shirt." When he took of his hoodie and glasses I saw the last person i would ever think to see." Zayn Malik right?" "Yeah how do you... Wait. Directioner right?" And he had a wide grin that could kill me. "Uh.... Yeah. My name is Bella." "What a beautiful name." I was blushing madly until Sam caught the back of my jacket and was dragging me behind her. "What took you so long?" I couldnt answer her because she was restraining  me to talk. "Hey i put my number into your pocket! Call me!" Zayn yells while going to Niall, Louis and Harry that we're sitting at a table. This is the best day ever!

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