Love at first sight

Bella was a girl who lives life to the fullest. One day she want to the mall with her best friend and she bumped to the one and only Zayn Malik. It was like love at first sight.Zayn decided to give her his number and with that the story goes on.


3. Revenge is so sweet

Samanthas POV                                                                                                                                                                                                  I woke up to my alarm it was 7. I got up and went to the bathroom I went in the shower ,got dressed,did my hair and brushed my teeth. by now it was 7:30, I looked at Bella and she was still sleeping! I swear that girl can sleep forever if she could,once I went to her house around 1 and she was still sleeping but other then that shes a great and caring person. I was about to wake her up until I thought of something. An evil smirk came across my face. I'm getting revenge! I quickly ran downstairs and grabbed a jug,filled it in with ice cubes and water,I tip-toed upstairs so Bella wouldn't wake up,I finally reached my room without making a sound, I waked toward her and counted to three in my! I dumped the jug of freezing cold water on her whole body "AHHHHHH!!!!!! Whats wrong with you!?!?!" " Thats what you get for what you did to me at camp!" I ran out of the room laughing my head off. I went downstairs to make breakfast,I heard the water starting so I knew Bella was in the shower.I decided to make pancakes.By now its 2 and were just chilling on the couch eating our pancakes."Hey Bella wanna go to the mall after?"  "Yea, can I borrow so jean since you dumped freezing cold water all over me!" "Hehe yeah sure."


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