Love at first sight

Bella was a girl who lives life to the fullest. One day she want to the mall with her best friend and she bumped to the one and only Zayn Malik. It was like love at first sight.Zayn decided to give her his number and with that the story goes on.


8. Chapter 8 idk a title name

Unknown P.O.V

Crap.she saw me. How can I be so stupid I could of watch behind a tree or something but no I had stand in the open. Her and the guy from that band are getting really close maybe I can use him."Bryan!" I called. "Yeah?" "I need you to tell me every single action of Bella's or else you will go with everyone else." I then looked at the people in the corner of the room. All were dead. That's what they get for not listening to me. "Okay let me get my gun from my backpack!" He yelled. Bryan was only 15 but really useful. I saw him in a alley 2 years ago unconscious, i knew since then that he would be my number one henchman. I should go to the study and think of my next plan......

*Next day*

Bella's P.O.V

'I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun...' I rubbed my eyes and shut off my alarm clock. I wish i would've slept longer but I have to meet up with Zayn and the boys. "Sam!" I yelled. "I'm in my room." She replied. I bet she's looking for an outfit to wear. I got up and went to the washroom and took a shower with my favourite strawberry shampoo. I then put on my favourite full sleeve white laced shirt. Later i put on denim blue jegging's  (jean's and legging's). I finally put on light blue tom's. I quickly ran in Sam's room while she was putting on her red tank top and white cut shorts. "Hurry up or we're going to be late!" I yelled. "Ow! My precious ear drums!" She then rubbed her ears in fake pain. She then quickly put on a white cardigan. "Hey Bella, get your heart locket from your room to match your outfit." She said while getting her Iphone4.

"Oh yeah! Thanks Sam!" I then quickly ran to the room that i have in Sam's house. It's true. I alway's come here for sleepovers so her parent's made me a room and Sam has a room in my house too.  I got the locket and put it around my neck. I suddenly got a text message.

Zayn: Hey beautiful! When are you coming?

Me: We're about to leave the house. And don't call me beautiful

Zayn: Fine i won't call you beautiful

Me: Good cause that isn't true

Zayn: I'll call you sexy ;)

Me: Uhhgg! I'll see you in 20 minutes

Zayn: I'll be waiting sexy

Zayn always messages me now. Either bugging me, saying 'i miss you', or saying Sexy and beautiful. But i know it's not true. My last boyfriend Kayden hurt me a lot and kept on calling me ugly and worthless. But I'm happy that Sam's older brother that's in collage got rid of him. I ran to Sam's room and dragged her to the door. Literally on her butt. I then went into Sam's black car with her in the driver's seat and we went off to see the boys. 

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