Not Who You Think I am

When Haley and her BFF Taylor find out that One Direction are in the hotel room right next to them they freak out. Well they become friends or maybe even more than friends?


2. Chapter two!

Haley P.O.V.

We both have two different sides popular and fan girl! yup that is is we both luv one direction but no one knows that except for us we luv them so much!
A/N i am going to start the story instead of telling u more about them hope u like!

Taylor's P.O.V.

" Haley HALEY" i screamed to her. she finally buzzed out of it. " oh sorry day dream" she said i laughed " come on Sydney and the rest of the populars are waiting for us it is time to go home SUMMER BABY WOO HOO!"

Haley P.O.V.

I got up and me and taylor walk out to my red hot convertible car! We all got in soon i dropped everyone off except me and Taylor. Went to my house my house was huge lime a machine because my aunt uncle grandma grandpa me my mom and dad and bro all used to live here my brother disappeared and the rest all got in a car crash sad :'(. Me and taylor walk in. I pull out the plane tickets it is now or never i have to tell her. "WE ARE GOING TO Florida!! The busiest place and we are also going to live in the best biggest hotel  ever!!" i screamed to her she screamed too " hurry go get packed babe!" we have like a fake in love romance it is fake but it is funny! we call each other babe luv and other! I sprint to my room and taylor goes to hers (let pretend that i never said taylor had her own house they live together because they are really close friends) I packed 3 pairs of short shorts one baby blue one black and one white. i packed 2 sun dresses and i pack 6 shirts 1 from holsters one from arowpastel ( not sure how to spell that) two Pink one from forever 21 and one from abacrombie  ( not sure how to spell that two) i packed five bikinis and 3 pairs of toms a black 1D sweatshirt some ripped skinny jeans in white and black and a couple of more shirts and than some lady like things. By the time i was done so was taylor. "Tay lets go stalk our boys should we"  "Yea tots!" we went on my laptop it said that they were doing a twit cam taylor went and clicked one it in a seconded all of one direction was on my laptop screen

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