Not Who You Think I am

When Haley and her BFF Taylor find out that One Direction are in the hotel room right next to them they freak out. Well they become friends or maybe even more than friends?


1. Chapter one!

Haley P.O.V.

 i am Haley i have blond hair and blue. I hang out with the popular kids in school. It sounds like a great life anyone would die for it, but u r all wrong i just got glasses i only wear them in class don't want to look like a freak in front ❤Josh❤ he is my crush also in front of my friends. I am also a cheerleader and a lot of boys ask me out. I like being popular but the only girl l can trust is my bestie her name is Tay (taylor) she is really pretty brown hair tan skin (like mine) and green eyes. We bascily  live together she always at my house or i am always at hers. we both have two different sides popular and ……
the end!

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