Not Who You Think I am

When Haley and her BFF Taylor find out that One Direction are in the hotel room right next to them they freak out. Well they become friends or maybe even more than friends?


4. Chapter four!

Haleys POV

I almost died when the said that they were going to Florida! " WAIT TAYLOR WE CANT JUST BE FREAKING OUT WHAT IF THEY ARENT GOING TO MAMIE LIKE WE R!" "OMG YOUR RIGHT I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!" Taylor said we need to find out now I tweeted them this: Where r u going in Florida? Not trying to stalk u but we r going to Florida too! 

Lous POV

The same girl tweeted again after we answered her first question what she said this time was : Whaere r u going in Florida? Not trying to stalk u but we r going to Florida too! I pull out my phone and hit search bar and typed in haleyluvs1D and i was basically stalking her profile she had a few pics of her the rest were with her friends she was so pretty i never saw someone in my life as pretty as she is she had blond hair blue eyes and she had light with a little tan skin (to see what she looked like go to ) I had to tweet he back i hit reply in my head i was like haley be ready to get 1000 followers i laugh to my self and tweet her back i say: @Haleyluvs1D Well ur in luck because we r going to to Mamie ;) Private chat me some time!

Haleys POV

My phone buzzes twice i already new that lou tweeted because he was on his phone then someone must of tweeted me probs like my cuz she loves to tweet me all the time no joke! I open up tweeter on my iPhone 5 lets just say good this my phone has a otter box on or else the hole thing would of been smashed why because when i saw that lou tweeted my i took my phone and threw it across the room "OMG TAY LOU JUST TWEETED ME AND SAID WE SHOULD PRIV CHAT SOME TIME!!!" Taylor stood there frozen for a bit with her mouth open she then screamed so loud "AND THEY R ALSO GOING TO MAMIE!!!" SHe then passed out 'TAYLOR I SCREAMED! 

Taylors POV

I feinted after haley told me what was going on omg i cant this is a dream i pinch myself then i realized that i must of just woken up and it was like 3 am because haley was asleep next to me so i just laied back down and went to sleep i needed a good sleep beacuse we r leaving tomarrow any way

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