Imagine For Hayley.Tomlinson

Hayley has been down lately, nothing seems to go right for her anymore since her father's death. Her mum is always depressed, her brother and sister have moved away and she just doesnt see anything good in life anymore... But what happens when she meets a mysterious guy at the docks, could he be the happiness she's been looking for? Find out, inside:

******Imagine for Hayley.Tomlinson! If you want your own, just request one and I will do my best to get it done in a few days' time. I dont do dirty ones so please dont ask, all I will need is your name and the guy. Try to only have one guy, as it's really hard for me to write about two different ones at the same time. Thanks:)******


1. Imagine for Hayley.Tomlinson

It always seems like I'm drowning, lost in a sea of depression... Between my fathers' death and my mum's depression about it, it seems like there is nothing for me anymore. There is no light in the sun anymore. My dad and I were extrememly close, and I took his death hard, but I do need to move on, or atleast force a smile... Sometimes I just sit here in my room and cry, but today, I cant. My mum finally got up and told me I needed to go do something today, so I told her I would go to the docks on the beach. It always soothed me to hear the ocean's waves crash along the beach sands. I heard my mum shuffle past my open door and I turn to see her almost zombie-like walking down the hallway. She is probably going to the living room to wash the rest of another summer day away. I have been thinking about putting on my bikini and going down to the beach. Maybe some of my friends would be there, or there would be nothing and I could be alone just to relax. I slipped my favourite neon pink bikini top and black and pink bottoms and put clothes overtop of them. I wore a nice fitting dress, it made me look better than I actually was. I walked down the hall and to the bathroom, slipping on some light makeup, some mascara and lipstick that was light pink. A natural pink colour. The mascara was black, like any other kind of it. I bushed my hair into a down position, curling it slightly. I looked pretty good, I tell myself as I admire my reflection. Okay, I can do this. Forget about him, forget about him for today. There is only one way to forget, and that is to just relax and not think about it. I walked back out of the bathroom, and walked over to my mum, sitting on the floor in the living room.

"Mum, I'm heading out now... Please dont waste another day just sitting here doing nothing... At least take a shower. You can force a smile if I can," I say, as I grab my favourite sunglasses and my purse. I slip my sunglasses on top of my head, and looked back at my mum, who had gotten to her feet.

"I know, you're right. I will take a shower and clean the house up, all by the time you get back." She says, and smiles, a fake one I could tell, but atleast she was trying. I smiled back, forced, and held my head up as I went out the door. The hot summer wind came across my skin, instantly making it warm, and the sun made me slip my sunglasses on. I headed towards my car, a yellow mustang, and slipped inside. I put my purse on the dashboard, in front of the passangers' side and started the car up. I listened to the car's light purring, loving the way it sounded. But, as soon as I heard it, I remembered it all....

My father had been driving this car, this was the car it happened in. He was driving down the road, and he had a stroke right then and there. He swerved off the road, trying to save me, I was in the car next to him. I was quickly dialing the police, who ended up coming too late. I felt as though it was my fault, I could only sit there and watch, I couldnt do anything. I put my hands on his, trying to hold onto his life, to do anything to remind him that he would be dying by his daughter, and that he wasnt alone. I was so sad, the tears never stopped coming, and I couldnt believe I was about to lose him. When his eyes closed, and I felt his heart stop beating, my head dropped, crying harder and harder... finally the police came... but they were much too late anyways.

"Ma'am, do you know if he's still alive? If we can revive him, would it work?" A police asked me, I couldnt speak. I was still holding onto my father's hands, hoping some way I would feel him just give my hands one last squeeze. Wishing he could take one last breath... but, nobody could fix what already happened. I was too sad about this to even answer the police guy. He was getting desperate for an answer.

'Ma'am please step out of the car, we dont need you around here. Please, let us handle this." The guy said. I turned and stared dagger-eyes on him. 

"You can't take my father away, he isnt dead. I dont believe he's dead! I dont belive it, no, no, no! He's not gone..." I said, finally letting my hands slip away from my fathers' and looked at the police man. I was pleading into his eyes, and he understood how important my father was to me.

"Ma'am, its okay, he'll be fine with us. You guys will see him again. We'll take this car to the junk yard tomorrow...." The police man started, but I stopped him before he could say anything else to me.

"No! I want to keep this car, it was his. It's the only thing I have left of him anymore... please.." I say, and the police man nodded his head

"I guess I could just drive it to your house when it's fixed." He said, and smiled lightly. I felt so alone, I knew my father was gone. I looked back at him, laying there so effortless. My last look at him. I smiled and sent a kiss his way, praying that he was fine, and that he wasnt in pain. I prayed silently in my head again, while I walked down the road, to the nearest phonebooth to call my mum. Wait! My dad's bracelet! I need to have it, I need to keep one part of him. I know the car wont last forever, but I could be burried myself with his bracelet... I decided it wasnt worth it, he wasnt gone forever. I would see him again, when I go to heaven too. I know he is going to heaven, he was the best person in my life. And, now he's gone. The world seems darker now.....

I didnt want to remember any more of that day, it was the worst day of my life... I should have gotten his bracelet, the policeman burned it.... I hate that policeman, that bracelet was the one my father had gotten from me, as soon as I could make one, and now his corpse is without it. I cant handle this anymore. I need to get down to the docks. I need to forget this. The summer sun was high up in the sky, it was only noon now, and I finally drove down to the docks, passing the place at which my father and I swerved off a backroad. I cried silently while I passed the whole place, until I got to the docks. The beautiful sun looked so nice and peaceful over the ocean in the distance. Maybe, just maybe, the sun I see is my father, telling me it's okay. I smiled to myself, thinking I will one day see him again, and then I hopped out of the car, seeing only one other person on the docks where I always sat. I can deal with that, there is only one... I walked down the beach in my flipflops, which were collecting sand in them, and I moved quickly across the beach and to the dock. The stranger was a caramel-hair-coloured boy with a cheeky smile thrown on his face when he saw me approaching. I sat a few feet away from him, just minding my own buisness. Thinking about the world in two different ways, by now, I have obviously chosen to live in the past, and the bad times. I just couldnt seem to look forward. I looked over at the boy, who was just leaning against the wood of the dock's side, and he was admiring the ocean, he was only in swimming trunks, and he had a very toned stomach with abs. I smiled nicely to myself, thinking, he is pretty cute.... But, he still wouldnt be enough to catch me off my father. I looked over once again, and I saw him smiling at me, his smile was cute, also. I smiled back, and he scooted closer, looking as though he was interested in me.

"The ocean looks beautiful today, doesnt it?" He said, smiling. I smiled back, and nodded.

'Yeah, it does, actually." I say, and he nods this time, his perfect hair rustling in the summer breeze. 

"What's a pretty girl like yourself doing here all alone?" He asks, this time, being completely serious.

"I just come down here to think, and clear my head." I say, and he nods silently. His perfect blue eyes shined down on mine, I imagined he was a few inches taller than me, and then he spoke:

"My names' Louis. What's yours?" He asks. His name was nice too. I smile, and shake his outstretched hand.

"I'm Hayley." I say.

"That is a gorgeous name. It fits." Louis says. I dont want this moment to end. He seems interested in me, that is hard to find anymore, so many boys just feel sorry for me."Well what do you come down here to think about?" He finishes, looking completely tuned in.

"Well, about my father... It's kind of hard to talk about, I'm sorry." I say, which makes him look worried.

"What happened? I can stay here for a while, I have time to listen." He says, and moves closer, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I like the contact with him, he is really nice and adorable, and he cares, I can tell. So, I tell him the whole story starting at how my father named me, and how close we were, to the horrible moment where it all ended. By the time I was done explaining, he had tears in his eyes. That was the sure sign that he did actually care, and that he really wanted to know. I let a few tears stream down my cheeks, which he wiped away, smiling at me sweetly.

"I'm so sorry that this happened...." He says, sweetly. He is so sweet. I smile and nod at him.

"It's fine, I am trying to get past this, I'm making some progress." I say, and he nods this time. 

"Yeah? Well, I could help you. I lost my brother. It killed me inside too." He said, and he started to lean in, which I didnt mind. I leaned in to him also. Our lips met with such a passion that I forgot about my father's death for a few minutes. He made me feel so alive, and I wished I could live in this moment. Our lips fell apart, and right after, the sun seemed a little brighter. And the world seemed like a better place to be.



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