dream or nightmare

a girl gets a chance to be famous. Will it work out?


2. What?!?!?

Steven's POV

I was still sweating from my performance. Summer set had never sounded better. Warp tour is the best. I checked my phone and noticed Alex had asked me to check on a girl that was on his bus. I skipped on the after show drinks nad went to check on her.I entered the bus and found the sleeping quarters  On one of the beds was a girl sleeping. As I got closer I heard that she was sobbing. I sat next to her and gently shook her shoulder. She had a startled look on her face.

"Where am I?" (M)

"Umm your on All Time Lows Tour bus" (S)

"Oh....Your Steven from The Summer Set?" (M)

"Yeah You okay" (S)

"Yeah " (M)

"SO why are you in Alex's bed. he didn't try anything did he?" (S)

"No I got a phone call saying that all my family is dead. Well except my older half sister  I left the bus. Then my friend Tanner came out and gave me a hug and I guess I passed out in his arms and Alex put me on the bus" (M)

By now she was in tears and I gave her a hug. At that moment Jess came in. She mouthed what was wring with her. I just said shes fine and she left. 

Maddy's POV

I felt safe in Steven's arms. But I still couldn't  stop crying. I knew someone was on the bus and then they left. Next Alex came in.

"Hey Maddy how are you feeling?" (A)

"Fine where are Tanner and Mikey?" (M)

"They sorta ditched you" (A)

"Awesome can i stay here they night please??" (M)

"We don't have any room but Steven don't you guys have an extra bed?" (A)

"Yeah I can sneak her on the bus. I have a room to my self she cam take the second bed." (S)

"Good you can chill with us from then on" (A)

"Thanks Alex" (M)

I gave him a hug and then Steven then knelt down and I hopped on his back. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up the next day on the top bunk in some bus. As I woke up the door handle began to turn...

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