dream or nightmare

a girl gets a chance to be famous. Will it work out?


1. oh no!!

Maddy's POV

"Thank you so much for taking me to warp tour. This is a dream come true" (Maddy)

"No problem, I had two extra tickets" (Mikey)

"Yeah thanks Mike this is so cool" (Tanner)

"Yo I think I see all time lows trailer"(Maddy)

"lets go" (Tanner)


I am so happy that I have this chance maybe this is the night my dreams come true. I have dreamed about meeting so many of these people. Anyway, I am at warp tour with my two friends Mikey and Tanner. I am so excited

*Cell phone ring

"Hey sweetie having fun?" (mom)

"Yes this place is amazing, cant talk right now on my way to meet all time low" (Maddy)

"Okay have fun and be careful"' (Mom)

"bye" (Maddy)

I love my mom but I hate how she is always checking up on me. I only have ever cut once and now she watches me like a hawk. I hate it. Any way I chase after the boys and Mikey is frozen. I look around and All time low are inviting us into the tour bus. 

"Mikey? Earth to fan boy? Hello?" I say as I wave my hand in front of his face

"What sorry I have never seen anyone so beautiful. Lets go tanner is already on the bus." (Mikey)

I follow him on board and are greeted with hugs from All time low. We just all started talking. They gave us signed things. Well mainly the boys. I didn't want any because all I would do is sell it. Mikey would treasure/worship it and tanner would just us it as something to brag about. We were having a conversation when the police called my phone.

"Hello?" (Maddy)

"Are you Maddy Hebert?" (police)

"I would just like to tell you that your mom dad and little sister are all dead. A car crash on the turnpike." (Police)

"Okay thank you for letting me know bye." (Maddy)

I was shocked. yeah my family might annoy the shit out of me. but they were always there right. They always supported me. Well as long as my attitude wasn't in the way. Anyway while all the boys were just talking I slipped out of the bus. Leaned against it and just stared at the ground. No expression on my face. then I felt and hand on my shoulder and I hug whoever it was. Then The tears came.


Tanner's POV

I noticed Maddy's face expression changing. She hung up her phone and left the bus. I followed her. Mikey just kept on talking  He could be a huge jerk sometimes. I went out side and out my hand on her shoulder and then she hug me and started crying.

"My family is dead" (Maddy)

That is all she was saying. Then all was quiet. We have a concert to go to and she fell asleep. Alex came out.

"What's wrong?" (Alex)

"Her family just died, All except her older half sister. I guess she cried herself to sleep." (Tanner)

"Okay well lets have her sleep in the tour bus. We don't want you guys missing the concert." (Alex)

"But okay" (Tanner)

"Look if you are worried I will send someone to check on her." (Alex)

"Thanks." (Tanner)

The Mikey and the rest of the band come out

"What happened to Maddy?" (Mikey)

"I will tell you later let's go" (Tanner)


Alex's POV

I felt so bad for that girl. I took her from Tanner bridal style  She barely weighed anything. Then I noticed how small she was. Wow any way I texted a friend to come check up on her after there set which is before ours. Hopefully she is alright

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