dream or nightmare

a girl gets a chance to be famous. Will it work out?


3. Family 2!!

Maddy's POV

The door handled turned and my heart stopped. When the door opened and Steven walked in a feeling of relief washed over me.

"Hey I went out and bought you some clothes. Alex is going to take you shopping in a half hour so get ready" (S)

"Thanks Steven" (M)

He left and I loved the knew clothes. It was perfect for my style. I stayed in the room since I didn't know where I was going.

*Half hour*

"Hey maddy" (A)

"Hey so what am I doing today" (M)

"Well me and the boys are going to take you shopping" (A)

"I don't think i have enough money to go shopping?" (M)

"That is why I am going to buy them" (A)

I couldn't resist I had to hug him. I jumped of the bed and gave him a hug.

"Okay let's go" (A)

He laughed. We walked out and steven came over to us.

"Hey good to see you up. Have fun today" (S)

He started to walk away. I yell back to him.

"Thank you Steven" (M)

Alex and I had a great time. We were in the food court when he asked me something.

"Hey maddy who you like a family?" (A)

"What do you mean?" (M)

"Well I was thinking that maybe All Time Low could adopt you. What do you think?" (A)

I jumped up from my chair and hugged him.

"That would be great Alex thank you so much" (M)

"Your welcome 'daughter'" (A)

"Hey I was wondering when you play in Boston could I go to my house and pick up some things" (M)

"Sure can Steven go with you, I know we have sound check and his band has it earlier then we do" (A)

"Yeah that's fine...daddy #1" 

Then we left and I snuck on to Stevens bus and fell asleep.

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