He Was Different

Allie was through with boys. She was tired of them dumping her for someone better, so she cut herself off from love. She loved no one and didn't no what love truly was until she met the boy that was different.


3. The Old Friends

  "Y-y-y-you guys are in O-o-one D-d-direction!", I stuttered incapable of anything else. Louis smiled gleefully and sang, "Yup! Now love I didn't get your name and I would notice a Doncaster accent like that anywhere." I looked at them all amazed that world famous pop stars would even realize I was a living breathing person, let alone what to know my name. Before I had been anything but nervous, now though I knew they were international pop stars, that could snap a finger and POOF!, whatever they wanted would appear. So basically now all I really wanted to do was curl up in a ball and pretend this was a dream because as you can see, I do not speak well in front of international boy band members, particularly ones I used to fawn over, myself. This wasn't a dream though and I couldn't curl up in a ball so I managed "I'm Allie."

  "That's a pretty name, for a pretty girl,", Louis flirted playfully, and smiled at my flushed cheeks, revealing his pearly white teeth. He really was a charmer, but there was that pesky no guys rule that I wasn't ready to break, I mean I just broke up with a guy today, and didn't he have a girlfriend? Even if he didn't, he surely had loads of girls that were way prettier than me, that would instantly date him. I wasn't really that pretty with white-blonde hair, muddy brown eyes, and light pink lips. To top it all off, I was really tall at 5' 11'' while most girls are short and complain about being petite I can never find anything long enough for my legs. I am taller than most guys and I not super skinny, I'm average. I starred at him, surely he wouldn't flirt with girls while he was dating someone, or maybe I had been wrong about him. Maybe he was a jerk like most guys were.

  "Uhh.. Don't you have a girlfriend? El something?", I waited for an answer, pondering the possibility that he was one of those celebrities that acted down to earth on camera, and the behind the scenes he acted like an elitist jerk. I hoped he really was as sweet, and humorous as he was in the One Direction video diaries and that he was truly as wonderful as his voice. Louis face fell, and he looked at the ground, his crystal blue eyes filled with wet salty tears. Liam and Zayn shot me dirty looks, and Niall, the Irish one who had stolen my seat at the bar came over. He saw Louis and went over to Liam, and they murmured a discussion amongst themselves. I saw Liam jerk his head in my direction, and Niall noticed me for the first time. He glarred at me and came over looking at me expectantly, "Why'd you do that? Huh? Why did you have to bring her up?" Confused I replied "What? Louis was flirting with me and I remembered that he had a girlfriend. I don't understand what I did wrong, I just broke up with a guy and I didn't want to be near a jerk. Did they break up or something? Because if they did I'm so sorry! I know how breakups feel...." I rambled on and on and finally after I had gotten most of it out, Niall cut me off.

  "They did.... break up, it was horrible and the worst of it was that El had been flinging herself at other guys, was drunk the whole time, so the next day she came back, finally sober and asked Louis was mad at her. His whole flat was filled with shattered glass, from throwing things. He like lost it, now he's cool, but we can't bring up El or anything about girlfriends he'll flip. It was his idea to come here to the club tonight, but I don't know what he was thinking, something like this was bound to happen and he would flip his lid.", he paused finally catching his breath. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know and I just went through a pretty bad breakup myself, it was just this evening...", I trailed off caught up in my train of thought. "It's okay, I shouldn't have gotten mad at you like that. Nobody knows, the fight only happened the day before yesterday. I'm Niall by the way." All of sudden time seemed to slow, Louis broke free of Liam's tight grasp and started running. Ending my discussion with Niall abruptly I followed him, giving the others the universal signal for wait here. Outside Louis was sitting on the street corner, with tears flowing steadily from his eyes. He was looking down at the ground as miserable as could be. I couldn't stand seeing anyone, let alone Lou like this.

  Sitting down beside him, I put my arm around him, causing him to look up. "Leave me. I don't want you or anyone else here. You don't understand.", he moaned miserably, without even enough strength to lift my arm off of his shoulder. "Louis, I'm sorry that I brought it up. I know it's dreadful to break up with someone when you've loved them for so long and you've loved them so much. You were going to have to face this one day though, and I thought you might want to do it with your old friend. Your old friend who just happens to be going through the same kind of breakup Now are you okay?." He starred at me like I was freaking insane, I shook my head, he didn't remember me. I couldn't blame him since I had just remembered him, his Doncaster accent had brought back memories from before the day mum had walked out on me, followed by dad. "Louis I said that my name was Allie. That doesn't mean I don't have a nickname. Don't you remember me? We used to have so much fun, you me and Lots!", he starred at me in awe. "Als I can't believe its you!"

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